Wife Goes on a Work Strike When Husband says Only He Cleans – The House Becomes a Mess

Images via @wifestrike on TikTok

Today’s story comes from Florida, USA. It’s about a married couple who had a little talk about who cleans the house more. The husband told his wife only he cleaned the house. His wife went on a work strike to respond to his statement, which instantly left the house into a massive mess.

Wife on Strike

Jalie Gil is a 27-year-old wife of a husband who thought he did more around the house than her. She made a TikTok account literally called @wifestrike and started to show how much difference she really made around the house by going on a strike. Week after week, the husband can be seen trying to make up for what his wife did but kept failing miserably.

In her first video about the strike, she explained why it’s become necessary to show her husband why a work strike is necessary.

According to Jalie:

“I was conditioned to silently clean up after my husband.”

Then began a series of days when Jalie showed how her husband tried to do the things she did but kept failing at everything.

This clearly doesn’t look like anything close to clean:

He tried to clean the toilet seat, but…

We think this husband really underestimated how much his wife cleaned up after him:


It just keeps on getting better:

This laundry space is crying for help:

Things are left on the floor:

There’s even a Car Edition of the strike:

Jalie’s videos are both hilarious and eye-opening. She went on a long strike that lasted for more than a week; you can watch all of her videos on TikTok here.

Her audience enjoyed every bit of it. Everyone praised her for showing her husband how much she did around the house daily while he thought he was the one who did everything.

Every couple needs to appreciate each other and work together – it doesn’t work when one person talks down on their partner or doesn’t appreciate them.

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