Woman Left Unrecognizable After Spending £100,000 on Becoming Barbie Doll

A woman has revealed that she has spent nearly £100,000 on plastic surgeries in the last ten years to become a real-life Barbie doll.

Alicia Almira, 31, from Sweden, who lives in the UK, quit her lucrative PR job a few years back in a quest to become a self-proclaimed fill-time bimbo.

Almira’s surgeries include rhinoplasty, multiple boob jobs, Botox and PDO threads, and fillers in her forehead, around her eyes, cheeks, jaw, and lips. She also got expensive tattoos on her chest and torso, gets herself tanned every now and then, and got eyelash extensions.

“I’ve erased who I used to be in order to become a plastic bimbo,” she wrote on Twitter. “I am constantly fighting stigma and it takes a lot of courage to stand by your beliefs, dreams and lifestyle when it’s considered ‘controversial.’”

“I find it interesting that my beliefs are being judged as being controversial when in reality they are far from it – they are traditional if anything.”

The now OnlyFans star continued, “I’ve always been attracted to the extreme and wanted to look like a bimbo. Some people think I’m mad but I don’t regret having the surgery. In fact I’d like my breasts to be even bigger in future. I want to look as plastic as possible and inspire other girls to do the same.”

“I don’t think I will ever stop having surgery. It is a huge part of me. Bimbos don’t age, we’re just getting more and more plastic.”

 In a new interview with Truly, Alicia declared herself an ‘anti-feminist’ and said it’s a woman’s job to please her man.

“I don’t agree that we [men and women] should be completely the same,” she said. “I believe it’s a woman’s role to please her man and be the best ‘trophy wife’ possible. I love cooking for him, cleaning the house and getting him to fix the car and mow the lawn.”

Alicia said that she wanted to become a bimbo since the age of nine when she watched a Danish TV show, King’s Girls and thought she would become one when she will grow up.

However, due to her strict family and traditional family mindset, she kept her conventional looks until she went to university in Copenhagen at the age of 18.

Since then, she has modified her body by getting multiple tattoos and surgical procedures to alter her looks.

According to Daily Mail, “When she was 25, she saved around £3,500 so she could have breast implants to increase her boobs from a D cup to a J cup – despite being 5ft 6in and a tiny size 8. In total, Alicia believes she’s spent almost £100,000 on plastic and aesthetic procedures.”

Speaking to Truly, the 31-year-old said she is addicted to surgeries and has no plans to stop just yet.

“The ideal look I want to achieve is the most plastic, fantastic over-enhanced sex doll,” she said. “I don’t think I will ever stop having surgery,” contemplated the blond bombshell. “It is a huge part of bimbo-fication.”

“There is no perfection in my mind,” continued Almira. “It’s just a matter of growing and evolving, and every year, you become more and more plastic.”

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Source: Truly on YouTube

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