Woman Who Married Disabled Man Opens Up About Their IVF Journey

An interabled couple who shares all aspects of their relationship with their followers on social media has opened up about their IVF journey to have kids.

Shane and Hannah Burcaw are a married couple from Minnesota who documents all aspects of their relationship, including their intimate life, on their YouTube channel, Squirmy and Grubs, and their Instagram accounts.

According to the New York Post, “Shane Burcaw was born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), and has used a wheelchair since the age of 2. He met Hannah Aylward after she reached out to him online, and the pair have been in a relationship ever since.”

The couple has been married since September 2020.

In one of their latest videos, Shane, 30, and Hannah, 27, have revealed that they have begun the process of IVF to have children. The decision was made after they tried conceiving naturally for almost two years.

“We’ve known for three years that the medication Shane is on for SMA can impact sperm health,” said Hannah.

“We kind of knew that, it was in the back of our minds, so we got his sperm tested about a year ago and found out it was abysmal.”

Shane joked, “Excuse me, my sperm is not abysmal… my sperm is non-existent.”

“It’s very effected, not just by the medication,” Hannah continued. “We don’t actually know how much that is playing a role, but also by the fact that Shane sits all the time, which is a huge factor.”

“There’s heat and pressure, and all the stuff that you don’t want.”

According to Shane, his sperm count numbers were as low as ‘less than ten’ when they usually are up to millions.

“The medications are just to like calm everything down, that’s why it’s called the suppression phase to prepare my body for the influx of meds, because right after that ultrasound I begin taking like the five-injections-a-day medicine,” Hannah said in the video.

“That happens for like 10 to 12 days, and then my eggs are taken in a surgical procedure where I am asleep… egg retrieval is the technical term,” she added. “Then the eggs are fertilized with Shane’s sperm, they grow for five to seven days. We see how many embryos we get and then that’s kind of the end, then you can implant or you freeze them, and there’s a whole thing.”

Shane, 30, told his followers that the process had not been very easy for Hannah, and he’s been supporting her emotionally and with candy.

 “I’m not supporting her by using her ovulation test strips. I’m supporting her with candy,” he joked.

“So now that we have officially begun like it’s happening, how are you feeling?” he asked Hannah.

“Terrified. Yeah, terrified.” She replied. “I don’t want to do the injections, really worried about that.”

“That’s like such a buildup, like I almost wish that I was just doing it right now.”

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Source: Squirmy and Grubs on YouTube

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