10 Morning Texts That Can Make His Whole Day

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Morning texts can make your whole day, literally, if they carry a sweet little message. If you have run out of ideas, here are 10 different kinds of morning texts that would definitely make him smile in the morning.

  1. “Good morning, I love you”:

Something as simple as a random I love you can make a lot of difference in his day. This text might even be the best of all while being the shortest. The reminder of having someone who keeps it in mind to express their love for you the first thing when they wake up is a special feeling. If you send him this simple text, his morning is sure to be pleasant just like his reply to it.

  1. “I wish I woke with you by my side”:

Waking up under your sheets and reading a text that says that she wants to be with you at this instant can give you the energy needed to leave the bed. He would just be more eager to start his day so that he finally gets to meet you.

This romantic expression of a little wish can lighten up his mood and who knows when he tries to make that wish come true.

  1. “I saw you in my dream last night”:

Type it only if it actually happened, of course. If it did, do not forget to write it down in the morning text. Our dreams might not be in our control but they do imply that we have thoughts of him buried somewhere in our sub-conscious mind and that can instantly make him feel special. Telling him what happened in the dream can lead to an interesting conversation.

  1. “Come over, I’ll cook you breakfast”:

If you are away from him and really want to be with him, what better time other than breakfast? That way, you would not have to wait all day to see his face. Write that wish down in your morning text so that he hurries up and drives to your house and you two can enjoy the morning coffee on the couch together.