4 Little but IMPORTANT habits happy couples have

A Posted 2 years ago
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A relationship is all about the little gestures. Grand gestures can sometimes be very important as well but at the end of the day it’s all about consistency. How you care about them regularly when you’re not even in the mood to. That is what true love is all about.


There is no wrong way of saying this. Every time you say it, even after many years, they will still mean the same; they will still make your partner feel special. In a relationship, people often develop various complexes like they are not lovable or not good enough. To save your partner from feeling that way and moving away from you, you need to repeatedly reassure your partner with these simple words.

It starts off with you two saying it almost all of the time and before you know it, it goes to a point where you two feel awkward saying it. I admit that a relationship which has gone on for years eventually feels like you two don't need to put in any more effort. However, that is wrong because there can never be such a thing as too much growth in a relationship.

Keep reminding them of how much you love and adore them. Make sure to keep those moments alive when the day is only about you two. We are so busy in our lives nowadays that we have completely eliminated the thought of keeping a relationship alive and strong. Everything seems like a chore to us.

Chores are something everyone would like to avoid. I won't tell you to avoid this, but instead to rethink your perspective on this. Stop treating it like a chore. Start treating it as your part in the relationship. - Continue reading on next page