5 Things you need to remember when dealing with a depressed partner

A Posted 2 years ago
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Situations and even the smallest problems become highly damaging and complicated if you are dealing with a depressed partner. It is a true test of patience and determination. A depressed partner isn’t someone who you should feel bad about or ask yourself the repeated question, ‘Why you? Why them?’. It is hard to understand, I know, but take it as an opportunity to really prove your love, to be there for your partner.

Depression is a terminal sickness and it really requires a powerful pull that can bring out the person from this black hole of darkness. So here is to those people who want to look for a way to help their partners out.

1. It isn’t a switch that can go On and Off

Do not expect your partner to suddenly wake up one day and be perfectly fine or for you to give them one pep talk and that fixes everything. That doesn’t even happen in the movies. Getting out of depression is a long process and it requires constant push. A constant force that keeps on telling them to work harder and try harder for the sake of others who love them.

It might become overwhelming for you but that is the exact kind of emotion you need to hide from them. Otherwise, they will add your frustration to their list of things that makes them sad.