10 Different Ways To Say “I Love You” To Your Partner

It’s always nice whenever the person you love also loves you in return. There’s really no feeling quite like it. You’re so madly in love with someone and you know that that person feels the same way.

You always want to be expressing your love for that person so that you know that you don’t take them for granted. But you also know that saying “I love you” all the time isn’t going to be enough. And you’re right.

You need to mix things up a little bit every once in a while. You need to get a little creative if you really want your partner to feel your love. But what if you’re stumped and you don’t really know how to be creative with your expressions of love? Well, that’s exactly where this article steps in.

It’s good that you’re reading articles like this. It shows that you truly don’t take your love for granted and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make your relationship work.

However, you still need a little help. You still need a little guidance. And the fact that you’re reading this is proof that you have a willingness to learn and grow as a romantic partner. That’s a good thing and you should always be proud of that. It shows that you are humble enough to acknowledge that you always have room to grow.

That is so important in a long-term relationship because you always have to stay adaptable and dynamic. You can’t be so content with just staying the same all the time. You have to be able to grow and change according to the needs of the relationship. Throughout the entire stretch of the relationship, you can’t be content with being a mere one-trick pony.

So without much further ado, here are a few ways you can tell your partner “I love you”.

1. Always make your partner feel like they are better than they actually are.

You always need to be your partner’s biggest fan and cheerleader. You always need to be showing them that you believe in them more than anyone else. Place them on a pedestal and make them feel like they are more than they actually are.

2. Take ownership over their tasks every once in a while.

It would always be nice to have someone run errands for you every so often. Sometimes, life can really get the best of you and overwhelm you. It really does help when you have a partner who is willing to take some things off your plate every once in a while. Be that person for your partner.

3. Always express concern over their health and well-being.

Never shy away from expressing concern over your partner’s health and well-being. You always need to show them that you are actually invested in their life and that you care about them on a practical level as well. It’s a great way to make them feel that someone is actually looking out for them.

4. Be humble enough to admit whenever you are wrong.

One of the true marks of love is humility. You always need to prove to your partner that you love them enough to set your ego aside for the sake of the relationship. Whenever you are in the wrong, don’t be afraid to admit it. Be humble enough to acknowledge that you aren’t perfect.

5. Allow your partner to be their genuine self.

One of the greatest forms of love is showing the willingness to let someone be their true self. You have to give your partner freedom if you really want to prove your love for them. In true love, there is no such thing as control or manipulation. It’s all about mutual respect and trust.

6. Always let your partner know WHY you love them.

Sure, it’s nice whenever you tell your partner that you love them. However, it can be a lot more convincing whenever you start telling your partner WHY you love them. It’s a great confidence booster for them and it gives them a glimpse into your heart and soul as well.

7. Always take your partner’s side.

No matter what happens, you always have to take your partner’s side whenever you are facing the world together. In private, you can have your disagreements every now and then. But when you’re out in public, you always have to make them feel like you have their back.

8. Really take the time to listen to your partner.

One of the most intimate ways to express your love for your partner is when you give them space to actually express themselves however they want. You should always be willing to let your partner speak and you must lend an ear. Never make them feel like their thoughts are invalid or their opinions don’t matter.

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