10 Love Blocks People Develop That Keep Them From Being With Their Forever Person


The search for love is the common denominator that essentially binds us all as a species. We all want to be able to experience love in some shape or form. However, our desires can often get the best of us. We get so riled up in our pursuits for love, we tend to get blindsided by our own character traits and bad habits that are preventing us from finding real love. You should learn to develop a sense of self-awareness so that you know whether you’re on the right track to finding that one special person or not. Here are a few faults that people are guilty of that prevent them from really experiencing true romance.

1. People value the past more than they do the future.

Sometimes, people will stick it out in a bad relationship just because they’re not thinking much about the future. They only like to think about the few good times they’ve had with their toxic partners and that will be enough to motivate them to stick things through until the end. However, they also blind themselves to the probability of a toxic future in the relationship because they focus too much on the past. 

2. People are only attracted to what they’re comfortable with, not necessarily what’s best for them.

There are some people who just keep dating the same kind of people over and over again only to have the relationship crash and burn in the end. The reason for this is that they keep dating the same kind of personalities and they keep expecting different results. They grow comfortable to a certain type of person and they end up neglecting other perfectly fine opportunities for love. 

3. People think that they can’t focus on themselves and be in a relationship at the same time.

Sometimes people will fall into the trap of thinking that they will have to compromise their individuality whenever they get into a relationship. This is false. People will use their desires to pursue their individual goals and dreams as a scapegoat for avoiding love. The truth is that there are plenty of people in relationships who are still able to focus on their romance without having to compromise their personal desires. 

4. People have a checklist for potential partners.

Some people will be unwilling to compromise their checklists for finding their true soulmate. That’s a wrong mindset. A lot of times, our ideal person just doesn’t exist. We have to learn to be more lenient and make compromises here and there. People can’t afford to be so choosy when finding a potential mate. They may risk missing out on a great love affair with an amazing person if they continue on this past. 

5. People are afraid of rejection and so they will shut themselves off.

Rejection can hurt. Disappointment is painful. That’s the reason why a lot of people will shut themselves off from the prospect of love. They don’t want to put themselves in a vulnerable position where other people can actually hurt them. So they will try to mask their fears with indifference and cold attitudes. – Continue reading on the next page

6. People don’t know a good thing when it’s there.

People just always have a tendency to take other people for granted. They can be in a relationship with a great person, but they will always want something more. Some people are just never content with what they already have. As a result, they risk losing the love that they already have for the prospect of something that isn’t even there. 

7. People with low self-esteem won’t go after people who they think are too good for them.

Sometimes, some people just need a little more confidence. Too often, we tell ourselves not to go after this girl or guy just because we think that they’re too good for us. Well, as the saying goes, if you never try then you’ll never know. Just take a dive. Go for it. Just be confident and hope things turn out for the best. 

8. People think that the problem is with the people they date, but never with them.

Some people will find themselves in a string of bad relationships, and they will always find a way to blame their partners. What these people tend to forget is that they are the common denominator here. They are the ones who probably need some fixing. 

9. People objectify their partners.

If you want a true love that actually lasts, you can’t be treating your partner like some object or fashion accessory. You can’t wear your partner on your wrist like a bracelet or a fancy watch. You have to be able to value your partner as a person and human being who has feelings and emotions. Don’t flaunt your relationship to the world as if it were some high-fashion object. 

10. People will assume that relationships should be smooth and easy.

Some people will turn and run at the first sight of discomfort in a relationship. They always assume that relationships should be easy and smooth. They think that true love means no difficulties should come their way. That is never the case. Love and relationships are never easy. People have to be mature and learn that early on before they can be ready for a relationship. 

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