10 Reasons Why Less Women Are Thinking About Marriage

In every industry, there is a prominent woman who is reshaping the way that society views gender roles. Along with that shift with gender role identification, we’ve also seen a shift in the trends of marriage.

In the old days of human civilization, women were always typecast to have served as agents of marriage; a means for men to preserve the continuity of their bloodlines. Women were made to stay at home and raise the family while men went off in search of livelihoods. We’ve seen a shift over the centuries, and little by little, women have been transcending traditional expectations that are set for them. Women are making waves in all shapes and forms throughout the world.

In every industry, there is a prominent woman who is reshaping the way that society views gender roles. Along with that shift with gender role identification, we’ve also seen a shift in the trends of marriage. Less and less women are getting married than ever before and there are many factors that are contributing to this phenomenon.

Here are some reasons why less women are thinking about marriage these days:

1. Career Comes First

Most women of the modern world are incredibly goal-oriented and career-minded. If relationships end up serving as hurdles towards finding success in their careers, then you can bet that relationships will be deprioritized. Women are climbing industrial ladders in various fields and they should have the right to do so without the help of any man. Marriage is far from their mind because their own success is all they can currently think about.

2. Marriage is Expensive

The wedding ceremony itself will be incredibly painful to the wallet, but the marriage itself won’t be so easy on the bank account either. It’s much easier financially when the only person you have to support is yourself. You don’t have to think about sharing resources, utilities, and other such expenses with other people. You and you alone are accountable for your money and you like it that way.

3. The Time Commitments of Marriage are Too Much for Now

When you get married, you’re essentially giving up your traditional concepts of alone time to your marriage. Your time is no longer yours alone because you will always have to take into consideration the schedule that you share with your partner. This is only magnified once you have kids. Your time will have to stretch itself even further once you have to share it with other people. When you’re single and independent, your time is entirely your own and this appeals to a lot of women.

4. Settling in a Relationship is Not a Priority

Women are a lot more adventurous now than ever before. They don’t want to tie themselves down with a single guy so early in their life. They want to be on the dating scene and see what the world has in store for them. They want to experience new things for prolonged periods of time without necessarily committing to anything. No rash decisions have to be made regarding engagements and marriages because there is no pressure to do so anymore.

5. Husbands Are No Longer Necessary to Have Children

There other perfectly viable options for women to have children nowadays. Yes, that maternal instinct is strong in a vast majority in the world. There will always be that inherent need to care for another person; a need to share a vast outpouring of love. If a woman chooses to give in to that instinct to care for another human being, she can do so without getting married by having children via non-traditional methods.

6. Divorce is a Scary Possibility

We’ve all seen how divorces can just break the lives of the people involved. There is so much pain, drama, financial strain, and heartbreak during a divorce process that the very thought of it frightens women out of their desires to get married. They’ll just avoid the mess of divorce by not getting married altogether.

7. Friends Are There to Fill Voids of Companionship

Marriages are there essentially to establish institutions of love and companionship among two people. However, these days, friends play very vital roles in the development of an individual. When women are surrounded by supportive friends, then what need does she have for a husband, right? Friends are there to help you when you have problems, to accompany you when you feel lonely, and to hold your hand when you feel uncertain.

8. Drama Can Be a Turn-Off

There’s just a lot of drama inherent to relationships in general and the very prospect of this turns women off the idea. They would rather live an uncomplicated and simple life without drama on their own than have to endure an unnecessary emotional rollercoaster in a relationship.

9. The Right Guy is Still Out There

Women have higher standards for men now. They want their men to be able to provide for them and allow them to grow into who they’re meant to be. They no longer want to be controlled but they still believe that they deserve the best man possible for them to tie the knot with.

10. Housewife Roles Are So 20th Century

The times have changed and it’s no longer cool for women to just stay at home and be contented with a life in the kitchen and bedroom. Women are encouraged to be adventurous and explore options beyond their comfort zones. They’re encouraged to see the world and they no longer need to be relegated to the status of merely being someone’s wife.

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