10 Signs An Introvert Secretly Likes You

An introvert is an enigma. An introvert is a puzzle. An introvert is a conundrum. It’s hard to read an introvert – but it’s not impossible.

Introverted people are just some of the most difficult people to figure out. They aren’t very expressive and they tend to keep to themselves most of the time. So if you ever find yourself becoming romantically interested in an introverted person, then you are in for a bit of a tough time.

Whenever you develop a romantic interest for someone, you always want to make sure that they have some kind of interest in you as well before you actually expose your feelings to them. But with introverted people, they do such a good job at hiding what they really feel, that you would never be able to tell how they feel about you – especially if you don’t know what it is you’re supposed to be looking for.

But of course, there are some very subtle signs that they will be exhibiting whenever they do develop some kind of romantic interest in you. You just have to make sure that you know what they are so that you can sniff them out. Here are 10 signs an introvert secretly likes you.

1. They deliberately go outside of their comfort zone just to spend time with you.

An introvert always wants to be in their comfort zone. It’s just how they are. They get uncomfortable fairly easily – especially in high-pressure social situations that force them to interact with other people. However, they are willing to put themselves through discomfort if it means that they get to spend time with you.

2. They awkwardly try to find reasons to talk to you.

Introverts aren’t the best talkers in the world. Why? They lack practice. And the reason that they lack practice is because they don’t like talking much in general. So if they’re constantly trying to find reasons to talk to you, no matter how awkward their approach might be; it’s highly likely that they like you.

3. They act hot and cold with you because they don’t know how to be around you.

They don’t want to come off as too strong. But they don’t want to be coming off as indifferent and disinterested either. And so they will act hot and cold with you. They will be inconsistent – because it’s the only way they know how to be around you.

4. They invite you into their physical space.

Take note: usually, introverts don’t like to be touched. They have some kind of invisible forcefield around them – and whenever someone manages to penetrate that forcefield, they get very uncomfortable. But when it comes to you, not only are they welcoming of it, they actually want you to be there. You are the exception to the rule.

5. They open up to you about the intimate aspects of their lives.

As you may already know, introverts don’t typically like to open up about their lives. But if they like you, they will gradually tear their walls down just to make you feel like they trust you. They will give you some kind of special interest to make you feel like you are really special to them.

6. They quiet down whenever you’re in a group setting.

Introverts don’t perform well in large group settings. They are more intimate in nature. And so whenever they hang out with you in large groups, they won’t really try to draw any attention to themselves. They are too worried that they might say or do something that will make them look foolish.

7. They are at their best when they’re just texting with you.

They love texting. That’s when they really allow their personalities to shine. They will be eloquent. They will be smart. They will be witty. They love texting because it gives them the time to really think about how they’re going to respond to you.

8. They really show a genuine concern for you.

Introverted people tend to keep to themselves a lot. They tend to get very caught up trying to process their own personal feelings that they don’t really have the time or energy to be processing the feelings of other people. But when it comes to the people they like, it’s a whole different story. They will really make an effort to take your feelings and emotions into consideration as well – even when they are overwhelmed by their own.

9. They make it a point to maintain constant communications with you.

Not only are they communicating with you, but they’re actually the ones who take the initiative to do so. Typically, they don’t really like to draw out conversations with people. However, it’s always going to be different with the people they’re romantically interested in.

10. They give you advice whenever they think that they have something to offer.

An introvert hates it whenever other people uninvitedly get into their personal business. And so they also make it a point to never interject their own thoughts into the lives of others. But with you, it’s different. They feel invested in your life somehow. And so when they see that you’re in need of some advice, they won’t hesitate to just reach out to you.

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