10 Things I’ve Learned From A Great Father About What Makes A Good Man

I have a great dad. He is guilty of carrying all the typical nuances the modern father would have. He exudes a very rough, rugged, and domineering exterior. But he has a heart of gold. He has the warmest smile in the world. He has a twinkle in his eye whenever he looks at me and I know that he doesn’t look at any other person in the world in the same way. Growing up, my dad was the man of my life.

That is why now that I’m old enough to look for a man for myself, my dad will always serve as the benchmark. The bar is incredibly high for the men I choose to let into my life because of my dad. He always made sure that I was always cared for. He never hurt me. He was there to push me when I needed it. He held my hand when I was scared. He knew just when I needed someone to make me laugh. I need a man who can do all those things and more.

My father is the very definition of a great man. He possesses all the qualities of what I like for the men that I date. Here are some of those qualities.

1. A great man makes is girl feel like she’s home.

It doesn’t matter where we are in the world. My man should always manage to make me feel like we’re home. He should always have the power to make me feel safe andcomfortable. He should never put me in situations of unrest or danger. He should treat me like a delicate flower who needs to be protected and cared for.

2. A great man never goes out looking for fights.

A great man isn’t insecure about his manhood. He doesn’t feel the need for validation from others. He doesn’t try to impress other people by going out and proving his dominance over inferiors. A great man doesn’t go around looking for unnecessary conflict. He is always an active pacifist and kindhearted person.

3. A great man always knows how to treat a woman.

A great man never demeans his woman. He should always work hard to be a gentleman. He has to practice all the rules of chivalry without fail. He should also respect me enough to allow me the space to breathe. He should respect my boundaries and he should never underestimate my capabilities as a person.

4. A great man knows the importance of family.

My man should always be family-oriented. He knows and understands just how important family is in life. He would never be the kind of person to turn his back on family. He should make an effort to have my family accept him into our circle. He should also not be afraid of introducing me to his family.

5. A great man doesn’t shy away from his emotions.

A real man doesn’t sweep his emotions under a rug. Whenever he is faced with an emotional situation, he knows how to tackle it head-on. He can confront his emotions constructively and he doesn’t need to hide behind a faГ§ade of lies.

6. A great man isn’t afraid to make apologies.

When I’m going to date a man, he has to be humble enough to acknowledge his mistakes whenever he does wrong. He shouldn’t be so proud as to never apologize for his faults. He should have the kind of self-awareness that enables him to build on his weaknesses.

7. A great man has incredible mental fortitude.

The man that I’m going to date is not weak in the head. He is the man who is never fazed by adversity or trials. He goes through difficulties in life with utmost grace and class. He always carries himself with poise and he never crumbles under the pressure. He is persistent, hardworking, and he always perseveres. – Continue reading on the next page

8. A great man doesn’t back down from challenges.

He doesn’t go hiding under a rock whenever things get hard. If I’m going to date a man, he is going to have to be strong like me. He has to be willing to stand up whenever the difficulties come our way. He can’t be the kind of guy who just runs away from his problems.

9. A great man is a giver.

The man that I’m going to date should have the heart of a child. He should always be loving and kind. He should be generous and well-mannered. He should always have other people in mind and he should never be selfish. The man that I’m going to date is one who would never leave other people behind.

10. A great man doesn’t step on other people to get ahead.

Whenever I choose to date a man, he has to be one who doesn’t take shortcuts. He has to be principled in his words and his actions. He should never be looking to overtake other people for his own benefit. He should be a trailblazer who forges his own path without having to step on other people to succeed.

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