12 Signs That Your Partner Is A Little Too Clingy

Have you been with someone who was very clingy?

There is a very fine line between having a partner who is inherently kind and loving, and a partner who is just too needy and clingy. You need to be able to tell the difference between these two types of partners. The former is good because you always need love and kindness in a relationship for it to flourish. But the latter is something you have to avoid at all costs because it has the potential to generate a toxic and destructive environment in your relationship. But how can you tell the difference exactly? Well, here are a few things that you could keep an eye out for to help give you a more holistic perspective on things. Here are 13 signs that your partner is a little too clingy:

1. They act too good to be true.

No one is going to be perfect. Everyone has their little faults and imperfections. You have to know that by now. So there should be a definite cause for worry if you haven’t managed to find any flaws in them. You can never trust a person whose dark side you have yet to witness or experience for yourself.

2. They text you every waking hour.

They never give you any breathing space. They want to be in constant communication with you. While it’s good to have healthy open lines of communication with your partner, it should always be done in moderation. You have to give each other space to be your individual selves every so often. It can’t be healthy for either of you to be spending all of your time just conversing with one another. You risk boxing yourselves into a toxic relationship environment.

3. They tell you that they love you a little too often.

It’s great if you tell your partner that you love them on a consistent basis. But if you start treating it like some sort of routine, it starts to lose its meaning and its luster. You have to always be sincere in your expression of love.

4. They don’t really develop their own individual lives outside of the relationship anymore.

Even though you get into a relationship with someone, you should still be able to maintain your sense of individuality and self-reliance. If you tie your self-worth to your relationship, then you risk completely destroying yourself should your relationship not work out in the end. You also end up placing too much unnecessary pressure on your relationship by making it the center of your life.

5. They constantly crave for your attention and care.

They always want you to be giving them your attention. They will want you to take care of them even when they’re perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. This is what gives them validation and worth in life; and it’s unhealthy.

6. They hate it when you hog the spotlight from them.

They always want to be the center of attention in the relationship. They always want their needs to be placed in the spotlight. They always want their expectations to be met. That’s why they would hate it whenever you start discussing your own personal needs.

7. They demand to meet your parents a little too early in the relationship.

They want to lock you down fairly early in your relationship and so they will want to rush through the various stages of it. They will want you to introduce them to your parents right away so as to somehow solidify the relationship in that respect.

8. They don’t like it when you hang out with your friends.

They want you to be spending all of your time on them and just them. They get insanely jealous when you choose to hang out with your friends because they feel like they are entitled to all of your time and attention.

9. They demand constant updates from you.

They never give you the chance to just breathe and be your own person. They are afraid of giving you too much freedom and independence because they are afraid that you might end up choosing to leave them.

10. They always agree with you no matter what.

They always seemingly agree with you. They are too afraid to get into an argument with you because they are afraid of how you would respond. They wouldn’t want to risk destabilizing the relationship and so they just allow themselves to be spineless individuals who stand for nothing.

11. They don’t give you the space to just be yourself.

They are constantly trying to make you fit into their narrative no matter how inconvenient or how unnatural it may be for you. They never give you the space that you need to explore other things or experiences. They want your entire life to be consisting of just your relationship.

12. They always overdo it with their gestures.

Nothing is ever simple with them. They always feel like they have to overcompensate their insecurities with grand gestures. They don’t really understand the value of the little things in a relationship.

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