13 People Share the First Major News Story They Remember as a Child

We all have that one news story that we’ve witnessed when we were young, something that still remains in our minds today. A lot of stories are so major that forgetting about them, no matter how traumatizing, is nearly impossible.

Sharareh Drury, an editor at Variety, posted a tweet in 2021 – asking people about sharing their first major news story they saw as a child and still remember.

Her tweet went viral, receiving over 24k replies!

Here are 13 of the top responses.

1. One person remembers global cooling.

2. Major inaugurations will always make the list.

3. This person remembers what most of us still do.

4. A lot of scary stories also happened.

5. Important historical events.

6. Another important event in history.

7. This person remembers scary events from when they were 3.

8. Another person remembers one of the most momentous historical events.

9. The moon landing – the whole family watches together.

10. This person rememebers a huge resignation.

11. This person rememebers the King of Pop.

12. This person still recalls a scary moment.

13. Another person remembers the moon landing.

What News Story Do You Remember?

What news story did you watch as a child and still remember to this day? Share yours in the comments below!

Source: Sharareh Drury on Twitter

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  1. I remember the attack on Pearl Harbor. I was 8 years old at the time. Our family spent the entire day after the attack listening to reports on our Philco Radio. I was scared after hearing how many sailors had died. Entering theWar changed our life style. All young men of good physical shape either enlisted or were drafted and my school excused us to help the local farmers when it became time to reap the crops. We collected scrap metal, old rubber tires and even aluminum foil for the War effort. Rationing of food, clothing, gas affected everyone and the production of new autos for civilian use ended after 1941.We planted Victory gardens to help the War effort.

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