15 Signs He Is the Guy You Have Been Looking For

All of it seems to be worth it when you meet the right guy.

Being single for a long time and then going on dates with annoying men should be considered an achievement given all the mental suffering you are put through in this period. One date after another only to meet men who are either painfully boring or surprisingly offensive is one hell of a task. But all of it seems to be worth it when you meet the right guy. Here is how to know he is not just another man wasting your time but actually the right man you were looking for all along.

1. He Has Goals:

forever person

He is not just any sloppy procrastinator; he has his goals set that no one can shake. If he decides to lose 5 pounds in the next month, he will work on it and even you won’t be able to stop him. That is how determined he is.

2. He Is A Dreamer:

Besides being ambitious, he is amazingly open to possibilities. Even though he has his goals set, you will always find him dreaming for more which means that he is ready to avail every opportunity life gives him without the fear of failing or being left behind in the race.

3. He Is Interesting:

He won’t be the guy who does not know how to keep the conversation going; he will always bring up something interesting to talk about. Otherwise, too, he will make everything fun with his jokes or appropriate comments. You just won’t get bored around him.

4. He Is Kind:


You will find him being respectful to every class of workers, his family and his friends (even those who did not serve him well). Although he will not hesitate in pointing out the wrong he will do so in a manner very courteous and dignified.

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