6 Promises All Men Make, But Don’t Usually Keep

When we step into a relationship, you know it’s a gamble, but you’re ready t take the chance because you want to have something that really finally and will last forever. You don’t want your relationship to put you through the pain of a heartbreak anymore. When you start to feel for someone, you want to make sure they’re the right guy. You hope with all your heart he’s the Mr. right you’ve been looking for. You wish for the perfect relationship with no hurt, judgments, fights and emotional abuse.

Every couple goes through a hard time together. What matters is how the two lovers survive that storm and walk together towards better days. We’re all human. We make mistakes, we make promises we can’t keep, and we say the thing we don’t mean. No one’s perfect. But don’t let every mistake break your heart and don’t become resentful towards our partner. We need to learn to deal with things in a better way that doesn’t involve giving up on the relationship or whatever phase you and your man are currently going through.

Here are promises men are quick to make but will probably break:

1. He promises never to check any other girls out:

First of all, it’s impossible to keep your eyes on everyone in the world. Its very natural to look at people. However, your man will promise you he will never take a look at girls, and you’re the only one he will lay his eyes on. The truth is, he WILL look at girls. He will steal a look at the girl passing him by just like you would do when there’s some guy who you think is super attractive. The next time he promises you not to expect him to be human about it. Sometimes he will keep this promise, but other times he won’t.

2. He promises he will never stop doing things that he did to win you over

Remember when he did super sweet and special things for you back when the two of you were only starting to get to know each other? He’s a keeper if he keeps his promises, but most men will stop doing those things somewhere down the road. Its human nature to stop being as excited about a relationship as one was in its initial stages. If he loves you like crazy, he will probably keep up with all the things he did that made you fall for him, but most will stop going that extra mile and call it quits. Just be mentally prepared for him not to keep this promise.

3. He promises you to never hide anything from you

By now he has probably made the promise of never ever hiding anything at all from you. Has he promised to tell you every single bit about himself and his life? Actually, no one really does that. During all the time the two of you will spend together, he will somewhere or the other for some reason choose not to tell you something. When he makes that unrealistic promise, don’t fall for it and at least not entirely. Give him his space and hope for the best.

4. He promises he will never judge you

Your man makes a promise that you can open up to him about anything in the world without fear of judgment. Judging is so deeply ingrained in the human nature that he will definitely break this promise at least once or twice. He may not tell you straight up when he doesn’t agree with what you have said to him or told him but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t judged you for it and that’s just how it is. But don’t let this get to you because it doesn’t mean he is always judging you. He’s not. We’re just saying its impossible never ever to judge someone.

5. He promises you he’ll never get mad when you hang out with guy friends

Men get very protective and jealous. If your boyfriend or your husband tell you he won’t get crazy if you’re hanging out your guy friends, it’s a long shot. He’s not going to be able to keep it. At some point, your man will get upset and jealous. Expect it to happen. Don’t be surprised even despite his promise.

6. He will promise to never think of any of his exes

When you get into a relationship with him, he will be very quick to promise you he never does and will never think of his ex or exes. The thing is, all of us who have ever had an ex-know that’s a pretty big claim/promise to make. When we’ve shared our past with someone else, we’re bound to think of them at some point in our lives in our present. He will want to keep as happy and satisfied as possible so it’s no surprise that he will make that promise. But, its very natural for anyone to have a thought or two of their ex. You might hate the idea of it. Cut him some slack.

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