Don’t blame the woman he cheated on you with.

The ultimate response to someone cheating in any aspect of life should be to completely eliminate them out of our lives but when it comes to love, our hearts find it difficult to eliminate the person who cheated, for obvious reasons.

It is wrong and not a healthy habit at all; it needs to be changed. You should not, in any way, consider any reasons or make clarifications to yourself to feel better about what happened, because then you will only be doing injustice to yourself.

Out of everything women do when men cheat on them, three of the most common mistakes are mentioned here to help you avoid them if, God forbids, a man ever cheats on you.

  1. You Go Investigating About The Affair:

Being the soft-hearted and so-in-love person that you are, you go investigating about the affair you hear of. Besides being angry and heart-broken, your inner lover who still doubts the news wants to make sure about it only by seeing it with its eyes. Don’t do that; don’t go too deep into the affair once you are sure it is true and is really happening.

You going around confronting people about it will do you no good and will only make you feel worse. As soon as you know you have been cheated on, leave the man and pack your bags; there is no point in doing anything else except for maybe letting your anger out on him or expressing your feelings some other way.

Burn all the ships and move on because it is the wise thing to do, not because it will make you look dignified. Your dignity sure does rest in not bearing anything less than you deserve but in the matters of love and life, listening to your heart seems like the best thing to do at times.

But in such a situation where you know there is no dignity left, feel no hesitation in walking past him. Give him no time to justify what he did because cheaters cheat and there is no right way to explain their actions.

  1. Blaming The Woman He Cheated On You With:

A woman shrewd enough to steal another woman’s man is surely not a nice woman but you will only be wasting your time and energy if you go on blaming her for what happened because it was not her who you trusted. It was the man you loved who was obliged to stay loyal and committed but he went the wrong way, so there is no one else to blame for his deeds, not for you at least.

A cheating man cheats; no other factors can be brought in light for his actions because if he was loyal enough, he would never even have thought of being with another woman.

No woman really traps’ a man. Both the people involved are in it voluntarily so it happened because he wanted it to happen without thinking about you even once. It will be cruel to look beyond his mistakes and blaming the woman for attracting’ your man.

Moreover, she is not better than you. Do not dwell on that thought. He did not go astray because she is a better woman. He only cheated on you because he is shallow enough to crush one woman’s love for another woman’s lust. Truthfulness and every positive feeling on earth means nothing to him because he played with you and that is not a quality of a truthful man.

Trying to Keep Him By Changing Yourself:

Your mind will go circling around your inability to keep him around when in reality there is no such thing. If there are hard times in a relationship, they are to be dealt with together instead of being a coward and running away where there are no problems for the time being.

As an adult, seeking refuge somewhere else when you cannot cope with your own problems shows immaturity. It was all in all HIS inabilities that resulted in him cheating on you. Do not try to work on yourself with the intention of getting him back. You are better than that and your self-esteem should not allow forgiving someone for a wrongdoing as severe and hurtful as this no matter how much you claim to be in love with them.

Move on with your life forgetting all about them instead of digging deeper into the ditch which has no end. The facts are simple: he cheated on you because he is a cheater and it had nothing to do with what you did.

Don’t make the three most common mistakes if a guy ever cheats on you because these mistakes only make it harder for you to get over the mistake he made. Tell yourself you deserve better than him and never look back.

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