This article is specifically about girls who put in a lot of effort.

Relationships can only work if partners mutually put in a lot of effort. Unless you walk the extra mile, you’re basically accepting that your relationship is going to end. Things might seem good as they are for now, but eventually you two would have to think forward. You two would have to consider staying together, the possibility to starting a family together and always being by each other’s side. If you’re in it for the long run then you’d have to put in a lot of effort.

This article is specifically about girls who put in a lot of effort. Thus, even though both of you have to work simultaneously; I’ll be aiming more in the girl’s direction. What attracts us towards people? Their looks, their traits and their attitudes. There are so many things in this list. It’s endless. Everyone has their own desires. However, one thing every person aches for is someone who tries. Why? Here’s why:

1- She’ll be there through thick or thin:

If you’ve found yourself a woman who’s willing to try to make the relationship work, then you’ve found a partner who’ll never leave your side. All relationships start off breezy with people wanting nothing more than to be with their partners.

Eventually, people have to remember that they have a life outside of the relationship too and they can’t disregard that. This is the phase where the sparkle of the relationship diminishes. This is also the phase where the couple begins to question whether or not they’ll work and ultimately decide to break up.

People aren’t willing to accept the reality and that is the fact that relationships aren’t always going to be easy. There will be good times and there will be bad times. Nothing in life is ever easy, especially not relationships. 

A woman who puts in extra effort realizes that. She knows that there will be up’s and down’s and that’s okay, it happens. She won’t mysteriously vanish when things get bad, in fact she’ll stay with you throughout all those times. She’ll be there for you when you think no one else will. She’ll honour the commitment.

She knows what she was getting herself into and frankly, you aren’t entirely to blame for the bad times. It’s circumstances changing like they always do and she gets that. She doesn’t want to do anything irrational which would ruin a potentially beautiful relationship over nothing.

2- She’ll help you become a better person:

If you genuinely care about someone, you’ll work towards helping them become better people. We’re attracted to superficial things and that’s how we lose sight of what really matters. We become so engrossed in things that would only benefit us or only make us look better that we disregard our partner. We stop caring and we stop loving. Basically, eliminating the very foundation on which the relationship stood. Then we’re left wondering, ‘what went wrong?

It went wrong the second we became selfish. Helping each other grow isn’t going to keep us back ourselves, it’ll help us learn along. A woman who cares enough to stay up at nights thinking about you is a woman you need to cherish.

She’s the type of person who has seen you at your worst and isn’t willing to define you because of that. She’ll look for so much more potential in you and help you reach your goals. She’ll become your biggest motivator and your biggest support.

3- She’ll always look at the bigger picture:

A woman who cares enough about you isn’t going to fill your life with anything but positive vibes. She’ll always think of the brighter side of things. She’ll brighten up your day and make you feel like there really is light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’t we all need such people in our lives? You have a hard day and you think that nothing is going to work out, but then there’s her smiling like there’s always hope. 

Her hope is her biggest asset. She’s willing to do anything in her power to give you hope. Hope is honestly the sole reason we see people going on. They think that another day means new possibilities.

If your girlfriend or wife is the type of person who looks at the brighter side of things then you don’t need to look any further for anything!

4- She won’t make you feel insecure:

Admit it, we all have some insecurities which we try to hide from everyone. They might not be that dire but a humanly attribute is to feel self-conscious. Only a few people have control over this. Your girl might be self-conscious in some areas but she won’t let that mold into her personality neither will she let you do that.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen; four reasons why you should cherish a girl who walks the extra mile for you or reasons why you need to find such a girl. In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to find someone who cares deeply enough about you to spare even a second of their day for you.

Here you have a person who realizes that you’re a big part of their life and they need to acknowledge you. Acknowledgement, ladies and gentlemen, is what we lack and selfishness is what we’ve overdosed on. Won’t you agree?

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