4 signs that tell you it’s time to leave

As long as things are sailing smoothly, every choice and decision appears to be right. But when things that rocky, you start questioning everything. Are they the right person for you? Did you rush into it? Is there any sign of a possible future together? Should you keep pushing or simply give up? You’re never entirely sure about anything at this point in a relationship. Your mind tells you one thing, while your heart tells you another.

To avoid all of this, you need to do a few things. Don’t rush into a relationship. It’s definitely easier said than done, but it’s the right thing to do. Don’t let the little things upset you. Love with all your heart and trust them.

However, if the relationship still doesn’t feel right, walk away from it. You owe it to yourself. If you’re not happy, you won’t have a happy partner either. If you can’t make this tough decision, here are the signs that should help you decide;

  1. You’re being ignored or/and abused

You should value yourself enough to get out of a relationship where you are not respected or given the due attention. Don’t allow yourself to be treated wrong. Don’t settle for something less than you deserve.

Abuse, be it emotional, mental or physical is unacceptable and probably one of the most obvious red flags. Run for your life!

  1. The romance is lost

You can’t expect each other to be equally romantic or even romantic all the time. But if your relationship is a priority, you should be able to find time to express the love you have for each other in any way you see fit. The idea of romance is different for everyone, so don’t expect it to be exactly like some movie you love so much. Don’t keep unrealistic expectations, but don’t set the standard too low either. If you’re not feeling loved, or you feel the magic is lost, try fixing it. If they’re not bothered or its simply not working, then you shouldn’t feel guilty saying your good byes.

  1. They’ve broken your trust

You lose trust, you lose everything with it. No relationship can breathe without trust. Once they’ve let you down, in any way, you know that it could happen again. You’ll no longer be able to communicate with them as easily, and you’ll keep things from them, simply because they can’t be trusted with anything.

  1. The relationship doesn’t make you happy anymore

It might not feel right, or you might find yourself looking for signs of a bad relationship, or you might just not be able to look at your partner the same way anymore, or simply thinking of the relationship gives you a sinking feeling. If you feel any of these, you’re forcing yourself to stay in a relationship that serves you no benefit. Do yourself a favor, and get rid of this constant feeling of depression. If you’re not happy with someone there’s no point in staying with them. Having a companion should be the most amazing thing ever not something you dread.

Do you agree? Talk about it

Have you ever had to leave someone? What were your reasons? Do you ever regret your decision? What gave you the push to make such a decision? We look forward to what you have to share.

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