4 Signs Your Ex Is Over You And 4 That He Still Loves You

What are you supposed to do when the best part of him was always you?

It’s time to be mature about it. Breakups suck. They always have the potential to wreak emotional havoc on the lives of those involved in them. It’s just so incredibly hard whenever people are forced to break up with people they have had strong feelings of love for.

And it’s even harder to let go of the prospect of making the relationship work. And it’s normal to go through some kind of grieving phase after a breakup – especially when you didn’t want to let that relationship go in the first place. And how we choose to deal with this grieving process is very important for our mental and emotional well-being.

However, history has also taught us that not all breakups are final. There have been plenty of couples throughout the course of history who find themselves back together after being broken up. And that can be both a bad and a good thing for you.

It’s bad for you if you want to get back together with your ex and he just happens to already have moved on from you. But it can also be a good thing if he feels like he can make things work with you again. So how do you know for sure if you can still make things work with your former lover?

Well, he just has to be able to show the willingness to make things work with you again. Because if he’s not going to be open to the thought of you getting back together, you might as well focus on trying to move on. You don’t want to be wasting time on forcing the issue with him. So how can you tell if he’s still in love with you or if he’s already moved on?

1. He is over you if he takes his time before exploring the dating world again.

He isn’t rushing into anything. He has so many emotions that he still has to be dealing with and he knows it. But he has everything under control. He’s not being reckless. He’s not letting his emotions get the best of him and he’s moving on in a very healthy manner.

2. He still loves you if he tries to seek comfort in the arms of another girl right away.

He obviously can’t contain the feelings that he still has for you – and so he desperately jumps into the arms of another woman. But you know it’s not for real because it never lasts for too long. You know it’s just a meaningless fling –  a way for him to cope with not being with you.

3. He is over you if he maintains a respectful distance between the two of you.

He keeps the space between the two of you. He knows that one of the healthiest ways for you to move on from one another is to just maintain a healthy distance between the two of you. He knows that you need to be on your own if you want to fully recover from your breakup.

4. He still loves you if he is constantly trying to make contact with you.

He doesn’t want to let you go just yet. And so that’s why he’s doing whatever he can to make contact with you. He still doesn’t want to detach himself from you. He doesn’t want to accept the fact that you’re no longer together.

5. He is over you if he starts taking up new hobbies in his life.

He is facing a new world – a world where he isn’t in a relationship with you. And he’s making the most out of it. He is embarking on new challenges again. He is learning new skills. He is growing as a human being. And he’s not looking back anymore.

6. He still loves you if he is always engaging you on social media.

He’s constantly keeping tabs on you. He wants to always stay updated on what’s happening in your life. And he wants you to be noticing him too. So he will like and comment on any photos or status updates that you might be posting on your social media pages. He wants you to pay him some mind.

7. He is over you if eventually finds himself a serious girlfriend.

This might be the most painful sign of all, but the moment that he lands himself in a serious relationship, then you can probably bet that he’s over you by now. He has moved on to a new serious relationship with someone else, and you should probably try doing the same.

8. He still loves you if he is still in contact with your friends.

He obviously hasn’t gotten over you yet if he’s still in contact with your friends often. There is no reason for him to be putting so much effort into maintaining relations with your friends if he didn’t think that he still had a shot with you.

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