5 Things You Should Always Refrain From Asking A Woman

There are just some things that you don’t ask about… especially to a woman.

Sometimes, there are just some men who can’t take a hint. Women have to bear with the constant ignorance and insensitivity of men on a daily basis all around the world. It’s no secret that we all currently live in a patriarchal society that mostly turns a blind eye to misogyny.

It’s a world dominated by men – and women often have to deal with the terrible habits of men all of the time. For instance, a lot of men would think it normal to ask a woman in a public setting, “So when are you expecting to have your next baby?”

Now while that question might seem so innocent to a lot of the men in the world, it’s very off-putting and invasive. What a woman chooses to do with her own body is her own business – and no man should have any right to ask such invasive questions so casually thinking that she would be okay with it. It’s not funny. A question like that is a serious matter, and it’s not an issue that a woman would want to freely discuss with just about anyone.

In fact, there are a lot of topics that should be off limits during casual conversations, but men seem to feel entitled all of the time. They feel like they can just ask these things whenever they want because they’re men and they can get away with it.

And if you’re that kind of guy, stop. You aren’t entitled to anything. There are some things that you just don’t ask a woman because it’s just downright disrespectful to do so. You have no right to be so intrusive especially when it comes to the intimate aspects of a woman’s lifestyle. You always have to treat women with respect and sensitivity if you want to be treated nicely in return.

At this point, you have to be mature enough to know that there are just some questions that you don’t get to ask – especially if you’re not really close to a woman. It’s quite rude and it shows a lack of breeding. And you might just be ignorant; but she should not have to suffer for your ignorance.

After all, in this new age of information, ignorance is no longer an excuse; it’s a choice. So stop being ignorant already. Make yourself aware of the big “no-no” questions that you shouldn’t be asking a girl you’re not really intimate with. Here are a few examples of those questions:

1. So, when are you going to have kids?

Unless you’re her family or you’re actively going to participate in the raising of her children, you have no right to be asking her about when she plans to have kids. You are placing unnecessary pressure on her to have children by doing so. She might be dealing with other aspects of life at that moment and she might not want to be thinking about children yet. You don’t have the right to put those thoughts in her head.

2. So… when are you going to get married?

Again, this shouldn’t be your question to ask unless you’re the one who is marrying her or if you’re going to pay for her wedding. This shouldn’t be any of your business at all. In fact, if you have to ask this question (which you don’t), she isn’t the right person you should be asking.

You should be talking to whomever she is in a relationship with. He’s the one who has to propose to her after all. You shouldn’t be making her feel bad about the fact that she’s not married yet by asking her this question.

3. You’ve lost/gained weight recently, what’s the matter?

Unless her weight gain or loss is becoming a health hazard for her, you have no right to be questioning her about it. In truth, you are just making her feel bad about her weight gain or loss. She isn’t going to like the fact that you’re making her feel like you’re judging her for how she looks.

4. How much money do you earn at your job?

Money is a big no-no question. You shouldn’t have to concern yourself with her paycheck if you only have a casual relationship. That’s sensitive information that you don’t have to know about.

5. How old are you anyway?

A girl’s age is a very sensitive topic and you don’t really have the right to be asking her about her age on a casual basis. It’s perfectly understandable for a girl to have her age asked when she’s on an intimate date with someone or if she’s applying for a job.

But when it comes to actually being in a casual group setting and you put a girl on the spot by asking her about her age in front of a crowd, you are only coming off as an insensitive prick who is overstepping your bounds. Learn to be more sensitive and read the situation carefully before you say anything.

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