6 reasons having a girl best friend beats having a girlfriend

A girlfriend is what every guy wants. And if it’s a girl who makes every guy envy him, even better. Then there are guys who think having just one girlfriend isn’t enough. But of course, it just doesn’t work that way. Coming to the girls, who are just friends. If you’re in a relationship, you need to know how to keep your girlfriend from having doubts about your girl friends. Don’t let anything you do make her jealous of them.

Ever notice how it’s just so much easier being with your girl friends, than being with your girl. Not that you don’t love her or anything, but you have to be very careful around her in some instances. Whereas when with friends, you are not bothered at all.

Following are six reasons why it’s better to have a girl best friend than a girlfriend:

1. Jealousy

However cool your girlfriend may be, when it comes to other women, she is bound to get jealous. Even if they are your friends, there is a chance she might still get jealous. You cannot smile, laugh or joke around with women all that freely when you have a girlfriend. Then there’s the social media. Any of these things is likely to get you in trouble. You constantly have to reassure her that she has no competition!

On the other hand, a girl best friend is free of all that hassle. In fact she wants you to mingle with other women hoping you’d find someone. She’d even help you with it. It’s so much better not having to worry about your friend’s reaction when she sees you with other women.

2. Female insight

Your guy friends can also give you relationship advice. But even they don’t know how girls think or deal with emotional stuff. Who else would know women better than women themselves. This is where your girl best friend can help you. Whatever it is, literally whatever, she’d have the answer. Also, if is something on the heavier side of feelings, you might not be comfortable talking to your guy friends about it. But with a girl, no problem at all. She could actually help you make your relationship better by enlightening you with what girls usually expect from a boyfriend. And if you’ve been doing all the right things or not. And so on.

3. You have yourself a good listener

Guys can pay attention to anyone for only so long. After that, you’ve just lost them. You might as well be talking to yourself. If they’re not listening to your problems, they can’t help you come up with a solution either. Also if you’ve just broken up, they wouldn’t actually help you get through it emotionally. All they can do is to shift your focus to games and partying rather than actually dealing with the issue at hand.

Whereas a girl would be all ears. She would want to hear every single thing. Women are naturally more sensitive. So you can rest assured that she isn’t just pretending to be listening, she actually is. She’d even help you deal with problems. And in case of a break up, you can let out that flood of emotions without any fear of judgment.

4. Your go-toВ  person when drunk

Drunk texts or calls can either be hilarious or downright disturbing. Whichever is the case, your female friend will bear it. You wouldn’t have to explain yourself to her later. In fact you can expect her to take care of you and help you with the hangover. And of course, if she’s not with you, she’s going to keep checking up on you.

5. A girl who doesn’t smother you

Your girlfriend would want you to talk to her whenever she wants to. Simply because you can never be too busy for her. And if you fail to text back instantly, hell would break lose! Your phone would be ringing off the hook. What could possibly be more important than her.

When it comes to your girl best friend, you can text back whenever its feasible. She doesn’t need to know your whereabouts every second of the day.В  And even if you go a few days without talking to each other, it’s not that big of a deal. There is no room for insecurities of any sort.

6. You can be yourself

With your girlfriend, you have to maintain a certain impression. You don’t want her to be creeped out because of some of your unusual indulgences. You obviously can’t have her think any less of you. Especially if you’re interested in something girly, you would rather die than her knowing about it.

With your female best friend, you have to worry about no such thing. You can share your weirdest interests with her. She might make fun of you, but all in good spirits. No judgments. No matter what you do or tell her, you’d still be the same to her. Nothing changes.

Some of you would still prefer having a girl friend over a female best friend. If you can have a girlfriend and a girl best friend, that’s even better.

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