7 Bad Dating Habits You Need To Avoid In 2019

Okay, if we’re going to be completely honest with ourselves, 2018 wasn’t exactly the best year for a lot of us in the realms of love and romance. A lot of us have been thrust into situations that we weren’t equipped to handle. We ended up making a lot of mistakes that have only driven us farther from the love that we so desperately want for ourselves.

These mistakes can vary depending on the people and the situations they may have been. Some of us may have texted our exes when we were too drunk to realize just how bad of an idea that was. Some of us may have taken relationships for granted to the point that we let go of someone we should have been fighting to keep.

Some of us may have been totally isolating ourselves from everyone else because we were too afraid to venture out into the unknown. Whatever the case, it’s important that we are all able to learn from our mistakes so that we put ourselves in better positions to find love in the coming new year.

You have to know that your mistakes in the past don’t define who you are and they definitely don’t define the future that you’re going to have. Just because you messed up in love in the past doesn’t mean that you’re not meant to find love. Just because you found yourself losing relationships doesn’t mean that you aren’t loveable.

You might have just been guilty of a few bad dating habits that led you to be single and alone as the new year approaches. But don’t fret, if you’re still feeling lost in love, then this article is going to help bring you out of the hole that you’ve been digging for yourself.

We’re not always going to have the answers in love and that’s okay. Love is a mystery. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be approaching love in such a reckless manner. You still want to be making sure that you are putting yourself in the best possible position to succeed in romance.

And that is why you would never want to be shooting yourself in the foot. Love is already hard enough as it is. It doesn’t need you to be diminishing your own chances by practicing a few bad dating habits that only drive love farther away from you.

And the worst part is that you might actually be guilty of a lot of these habits without you even realizing it. If even just one of the items on this list applies to you in the dating scene, then you need to make that necessary correction as soon as possible. Even just one bad habit could be the single thing that stands in between you and the love story that you have always been dreaming of.

Think of the coming new year as an opportunity for you to turn over a new life in your dating life. You should already be claiming the love that you think that you are deserving of. Be sure that you aren’t guilty of any of these bad habits in the new year, and you are bound to find love sooner than later.

1. You lie to impress the person you’re dating.

Lying might earn you some cool points at the start. But they’re never a sustainable way of trying to impress another person. Eventually, you’re going to get found out.

2. You force the issue even when it’s not meant to be.

Sometimes, a relationship just isn’t meant to be. And you shouldn’t be wasting your time by beating a dead horse. Once you know a relationship isn’t going to work out, just learn to walk away and move on.

3. You exhibit forceful and aggressive behavior.

You should never be so aggressive in your relationship. Respect your partner’s pace and boundaries. Don’t be forcing them into anything they might be uncomfortable with. Learn to always be sensitive and mindful of their feelings.

4. You fail to express how you really feel about your partner.

You must always be communicating your feelings to your partner in an honest and open manner. You can’t get deep into your relationship unless you allow yourselves to be vulnerable to one another.

5. You play hard to get on purpose.

It’s tacky and it’s corny. It’s an outdated dating technique and people need to stop engaging in this tactic.

6. You make a strict timeline for your relationship.

Your relationship is not some college course that you take which offers you a strict timeline and schedule that you need to follow. You should just go with the flow and learn to be adaptable in your relationship.

7. You don’t show a willingness to compromise.

At the end of the day, you’re going to have to realize that you won’t always get what you want in a relationship. And that is why you always have to show a willingness to compromise.

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