7 Bedroom Habits That Mean He Really Respects You As His Lover

There’s just no denying it at this point. You can always tell a lot about how a man feels about you based on how he treats you when you’re making love to one another. At the end of the day, what you really want is love – and you probably already know that there is a fine line between love and lust.

You want a partner who loves you for who you are; someone who is really going to take care of you should you grow old together. You want someone who isn’t merely looking out for himself and his own personal pleasures. You want someone who is going to provide for you; to love you in ways that you have never been loved.

You want a genuine partner who respects who you are and who doesn’t treat you like a mere object of pleasure. And again, it can be very difficult to tell at times where you have a partner who really loves you or someone who just lusts after you.

But the truth is that you just really need to be paying attention to how he treats you – particularly with how he treats you whenever you’re making love to each other. Sure, all men are different. And they all have different strengths and weaknesses. He probably isn’t always going to do things right in the bedroom.

Heck, he might not even be the best you’ve ever had. But the point here is that he needs to be treating you like a genuine princess; like someone he really wants to make love to – not just someone he wants to use as some kind of pleasure device for himself. In love, there should always be room for sexual intimacy. But that intimacy has to be the result of the love and affection that you have for another person. It can’t be the other way around. The sexual pleasures can’t be the prime motivations for getting into a relationship with someone. It shouldn’t work like that.

You should always make sure that you are in a genuine relationship with someone who really cares about your needs and standards; someone who puts in the effort into trying to meet your expectations. You can do all of that by taking note of the following signs:

1. He kisses you on the forehead.

It’s a genuine act of endearment that he’s showing to you. He isn’t just trying to arouse you. There are other kisses in other parts of the body that can serve that purpose more effectively. He is kissing you on the forehead because he really wants you to feel how much he loves you; how his feelings for you transcend all malice and effervescence.

2. He usually likes to make love to you while looking at your face.

He doesn’t treat you like some plaything or a sexual object. He really knows that you are a human being and he acknowledges that by always looking deep into your eyes – it’s as if he’s really looking deep into your soul whenever he’s making love to you.

3. He acts patient with you whenever you’re not so willing to experiment with him.

He never forces you or pressures you into doing anything in the bedroom that you might not be comfortable with. Sure, he wants to experiment – but he also understands that he needs you to be on board with it. He’s never going to make it seem like you’re his sexual slave who has to bend to his will.

4. He takes your feelings and emotions into consideration.

He knows that sex is as much an emotional act as it is a physical one – and he’s always going to be taking your personal feelings and emotions into consideration. He won’t be blindly making love to you without concerning himself with how you feel.

5. He really makes it a point to hear your suggestions out.

He wants to learn from you. He wants to know how he can make it better for you. He wants to do his best to make sure that you are just as fulfilled as he is.

6. He knows the difference between having sex and making love.

He’s not just mindlessly thrusting himself inside of you. He’s making love to you. He is putting all of his feelings and emotions into every stroke and thrust. He’s really expressing his love for you.

7. He does whatever it takes to make sure that you climax as well.

He isn’t selfish. He isn’t just in it for his own personal pleasures. He’s not purely just concerned with his own personal motivations. He knows that you are both a team and that you need to be helping one another. He is always going to make sure that you finish and that you climax as well. He doesn’t want to shortchange you. He doesn’t want to be acting selfish in any capacity.

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