9 Questions To Ask On A First Date To Keep The Conversation Flowing

How good (or bad) was your very first date?

The great big maze that is the first date. It’s a puzzle that not many have cracked and there’s a good reason. First dates have a tendency of being very polarizing. It’s either two people hit it off right away because they have incredible chemistry or they just make like a train-wreck that’s headed for absolute disaster. It all depends and that’s probably why a lot of people can get intimidated by going on first dates. But what these people have to know is that despite the fact that first dates aren’t always going to be a walk in a park, thy aren’t all that difficult to navigate through either.

For those who are lucky enough, they go on first dates with people who they just share a natural chemistry with. These are the kinds of first dates that are just clicking on all cylinders. But then there are those people who are just inherently socially awkward and they have a difficult time maintaining the flow of a date in an organic manner. People shouldn’t be belittling the value of first dates. There are plenty of those who believe that a first date can tell a whole lot about the potential of two people to be together. You only get one chance at making a good first impression after all. And the chances that a second date are going to happen really rely on whether the first date showed signs of promise. So there’s really a lot at stake on a first date.

But don’t let that freak you out. This article is going to help you through your first date jitters. You won’t always know what to say on a first date and you won’t want a lull to manifest itself in your conversations. If you are ever feeling lost in your conversations, you can revert back to these guide questions to help propel your discussion to greater heights. Questions are important during a first date. It shows that you are expressing an actual interest in the life of the person that you’re with and that you’re actually willing to listen not just talk. However, you also don’t want to overstep your boundaries. You don’t want to come off as prying with your line of questioning. Here are some examples of perfectly innocent questions that you could ask on your first date to keep your conversation going.

1. What was your childhood like?

A perfectly innocent question. With this, you will be able to get a good look at the background of the person that you’re dating while still keeping the conversation light unless of course they had a dark childhood. This way, you have an opportunity to showcase empathy and sensitivity.

2. What is your go-to pizza flavor?

There’s a lot to be said about pizza toppings. This is a nice question to go to just because there are so many possibilities. And also, it’s a great segue into a potential second date idea. 

3. What do your friends usually say about your personality?

This question should be asked for two purposes. First, with this, you can find out how the person you’re dating feels about social interaction and friendship. And second, you’re forcing them to examine how they project themselves to others. 

4. What are your favorite movies?

You can tell a lot about a person based on the kinds of movies that they watch. But aside from that, it just makes for really good conversation. You can discuss your favorite genres, actors, performances, directors, and film styles. And again, this could be a segue for a potential second date idea. 

5. Have you ever had physical injuries before?

Everyone has an interesting story about a physical injury especially those who are physically active or adventurous. No heavy implications here. Just a light and fun conversational piece to keep the discussion going. 

6. Would you ever try skydiving?

With this question, you get to gauge if the person you’re dating is the adventurous type or not. This is a subtle look into their philosophies on adventure and facing fears. 

7. What are the things in life that you are most thankful for?

This is another seemingly innocent question that has heavy personal implications. Depending on how they answer, you can get a good read on what things in life your date finds most important and valuable. You can also get a good sense of what their priorities in life are. 

8. What attracts you most to people?

This is a great question to test your compatibility and synergy. The way they answer will tell you if you have a shot at really establishing a solid relationship with them or not. If you find that a lot of what they say describes who you are, then that’s good news. 

9. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Another great way to get a person taking is to ask them about the things that frustrate them. This way, you can find out about their personality more and you learn more about how not to piss them off. 

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