7 Reasons Why Men lie To Women

Why do men lie to women?

Men are creatures of impulse! Nothing will ever stop them from doing something if they set their heart to it. If it’s something that they really want to do and you didn’t approve off it. Chances are that they will do it any way and not tell you about it. Let your wild horse free every once in a while so that he has a chance to be himself.

Boxing him up will only, push him over the edge, this will damage your relationship and his lies will end it!

  1. They want to Avoid Drama and Keep the Peace

Let’s be honest, most women get upset and react dramatically, when men are telling the truth. It’s already very difficult for a man to get in touch with his feelings. You might get very upset when they tell you what they expect out of their relationship with you. The aftermath of a woman’s reaction is that, her man starts lying to her.

They just sugarcoat things and tell women what they want to hear, to avoid facing the drama. Men are smart beings; they quickly learn to adapt their behavior to maintain the peace. It’s not that they actually want to lie; they only do that to avoid heated arguments, disagreements, and potential scream offs.

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  1. They are too scared to hurt Your Feelings

Men also lie in order to cover up the truth they suspect that you may not like. If a man knows not telling the truth is harmless enough and causes less drama, why wouldn’t he want to do it? A man doesn’t speak his mind fearing that it might hurt his woman’s feelings. To put it in simple words, he is confused about how you’ll react to his dismay (as you have proved to him time and again that being honest never works out with you) so, instead of saying he is having dinner with his old friend (female friend) back from college, he would say, he would be late from work.

Similarly, women often complain that they don’t like their bodies or how fat they look in a particular dress; the reply they expect should be like ˜What nonsense? You are perfect the way you are. The last thing he wants is to hurt your feelings or trigger a flood of tears by making you feel awful. He doesn’t want to hurt you, Period! – Continue reading on next page

  1. They are Insecure

Like us women, they too are insecure. Men will usually concoct a fib about their job, the places they have traveled to and their financial status because they want to impress women. Sometimes they feel that, they are not ˜good enough’ or ˜man enough’ for a woman they really like. It’s the fear of losing; the woman a man loves or has desires for, that makes him turn into a big fat liar.

A guy to be honest has to feel secure enough about who he his. A guy should aspire to become the man, he lies about.

  1. To Boost their Egos

Now we all know most men have huge egos and if a little lie here and there can give their egos a little boost, they will definitely go for it. For instance, if a woman asks a man, Hon, who was the girl you were just talking to? Their reply would be something like, Oh it’s the same girl, who had sent me a friendship request on Face book and she has been stalking me since she got my number from her friend at the party she first met me at.

Shut up Brandon, we both know that was your mom okay?

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  1. To avoid Confrontation

There’s nothing a man hates more than confronting his woman. If he thinks a little lie will be able to avoid confrontation, he will do it; he will be dishonest a thousand times if he has to. As he doesn’t want to get into a deep conversation full with melodrama and tears, if a lie can spare him a horror, then why not? It’s just how men are, okay? – Continue reading on next page

  1. Lack of Trust in a Relationship

Sometimes, lack of trust in a relationship makes a man lie. As a matter of fact, most men don’t trust women.

˜It’s the inability of a woman to understand a man’s emotions and feelings that compels them to lie.’

Well compared to how bad men are at figuring out women, none of us should ever be honest with them should we?

He knows no matter what he says or does, she will still judge him. Also, men feel women are not trustworthy because tend to gossip. Now the last thing any man wants is the whole town to know about his private affairs, hence, he very conveniently lies in order to save himself the embarrassment.

  1. To Get More Space

When a man gets married or enters into a serious relationship, he suddenly starts craving for his space. He misses his bachelor life. He misses doing all the crazy stuff that he used to do before committing to the relationship. He could hang out with boys as late as he wanted to, without having to answer anyone.

This is just a small example of something, a woman might not approve of, and hence he lies. Leave men alone okay girls? Their male friends mean the world to them, just as makeup means the world to you. The most common lies you hear men speak are, I swear, I didn’t hear the phone ring, my mobile was silent, there were no signals, the battery was dead or my phone was switched off.

When in reality, he was busy having fun with this friends and didn’t want to answer to any questions. Not cool guys, not cool! He also lies about working late When he is actually out partying with his friends. It might not feel appropriate at first but give him the space he wants and learn to trust him. Be like the girls in, The Hangover.

However, if you are stuck with a real douche bag that cheats on you, plays with your emotions and doesn’t want to change, kick his sorry ass out of your life. You don’t a man with no moral and aesthetics. You deserve better!

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