7 Unfortunate Signs That A Relationship Isn’t Built To Last

It can be very easy to just become completely reckless whenever you get into a new relationship. Everything is always so thrilling and exciting when a relationship is still fresh.

However, when all of that excitement starts to die down a little bit, that’s when you will actually get a chance to see your relationship for what it really is.

And that’s when you can get a better idea of whether your relationship is going to work out for the long-term or not. You might even develop some awareness on the red flags that might indicate trouble in your relationship.

There are so many signs that you can keep track of to know if there is going to be an impending breakup in a relationship. However, a lot of people are oblivious to these signs.

And what ends up happening is that they stay in these relationships much longer than they have to. So, if you think that your relationship is kind of on the rocks, then you might want to consider breaking things off before you get any deeper into your relationship.

Take note if a bunch of these signs will be present in your relationship. If they are, then it’s probably best for you to just call it quits.

1. You don’t really talk about the future together.

If you and your partner don’t really try to talk about the future of your relationship anymore, then you know that that is a definite bad sign.

That means that the two of you aren’t really happy with how your relationship is going and so you’ve grown disinterested to how things are going to turn out between the two of you. It’s as if you’re both emotionally withdrawing yourselves from the relationship.

2. Your attraction for one another is purely physical.

It’s going to take so much more than just mere physical attraction and intimacy to make a relationship work. The both of you need to have a deep emotional bond and connection if you’re interested in improving the longevity of your love.

Having mere physical attraction for one another is never going to be enough to sustain a romantic relationship. It has to go much deeper than that.

3. You don’t really stay open and honest with each other.

Openness and honesty are always going to be of the essence in a romantic relationship. There is no way that you would ever be able to make things work with one another if you are just lying to each other constantly.

That is no way to build trust in your relationship. And a relationship without trust is a relationship without love either.

4. You walk away from fights and arguments.

You might think that walking away from fights and arguments is healthy for a relationship but you would be wrong.

When you walk away from fights, it shows that you are unwilling to put yourself in uncomfortable positions to try to address the issues in your relationship. You would rather take the easy way out and hope that the problems eventually just fix themselves. But they won’t.

5. You don’t like each other’s friends.

Granted, you don’t necessarily have to like each other’s friends and social circles in order for your relationship to work. But it becomes a problem when you are incapable of coexisting on that front. You both need to find a way to still respect the fact that you have your own individual social lives – and you can’t get in the way of that.

6. You bring out the worst in each other.

It’s always bad whenever your relationship happens to bring out the worst in you. That means that both of you bring a lot of toxicity into each other’s lives. And eventually, that toxicity is going to get the best of you to the point that you will end up compromising your own individual sense of well-being.

7. You stop trying to understand one another.

And when you just stop trying to hear each other out, then you know that your relationship is over. It shows that you’re no longer interested in each other’s lives and perspectives. You’re practically just two people living alongside one another at this point.


There are actually plenty of red flags that you might happen to be in an unhealthy relationship and you might not even realize that they are there.

However, you should know that you have a chance at still making this relationship work if you find a way to dissolve these symptoms of a bad relationship.

If you and your partner actually make an effort to handle your problems and your issues head-on, then you are putting yourselves in a position to actually improve the state of your relationship.

Remember that so as long as the two of you are willing to try to make things work, your relationship is always going to have hope. And love is always something that is worth fighting for.

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