The concept of the “alpha” personality has been around since even the earliest forms of human civilization. Darwin’s whole theory on evolution is based on the idea of how only the strong are built to survive in this world. So, if you find that you have an alpha personality; that you are a strong individual, you shouldn’t have to be apologetic about it. Be proud that you have a personality that is built to last in a ruthless, unkind, and cruel world that doesn’t care about luck or fairness. Celebrate the fact that you have the tools that it takes to last.

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However, having a strong personality does have its fair share of caveats as well. A lot of times, you will feel very isolated and alienated. You are part of a very select group of people in this world; and it’s highly likely that those around you are going to feel antagonized and intimidated by who you are. It’s not your fault that you’re that way; and it’s not their faults that they feel intimidated as well. It’s just the natural power play and dynamic that comes when a strong individual interacts with a weaker being. So, you are going to have to be prepared to have a few relationships suffer because of your strong personality. You are going to have to brace yourself for that.

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But ultimately, you can’t compromise your strength. Yes, you also have to be compassionate, generous, mindful, and sensitive of others. But you also have to know that these traits aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive with strength. You can still be strong but also compassionate. You can still be brave but also sensitive. You can still be self-motivated but also thoughtful and generous. It’s all just a matter of being able to balance everything out accordingly.

So what do you think? Are you a strong individual? Do you have what it takes to last and win at Darwin’s evolution theory? Well, here are 8 signs that you do have a strong personality that might intimidate other people.

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1. You aren’t so welcoming of everyone who walks into your life.

You stay guarded. You know that you need to judge people well before you open up to them. You don’t want to be welcoming any toxic people in your life because you don’t want to be part of any relationships that might be crippling you or holding you down.

2. You don’t cry out for attention.

You know that you can get by on your own. You know that the only expectations that you have to live up to are the ones that you set for yourself. And whenever you do accomplish something noteworthy, you don’t feel the need for others to take notice of it.

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3. You don’t feel compelled to seek the approval of other people.

You aren’t really living life to the standards of other people; and you don’t live for anyone else. Sometimes, it can upset people with how independent-minded you are. But that’s just how you’re naturally wired. And you won’t compromise just how strong-willed you are.

4. You have trouble dealing with ignorance, bigotry, and laziness.

You really hate it whenever people are just being ignorant and lazy. You believe that in the modern age of information, ignorance is a choice. And you don’t like to deal with people who act like they know what they’re talking about even when they clearly don’t.

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5. You absolutely abhor small talk.

When you talk to people you really value deep and enriching conversations – and you find it really difficult to get interested in small talk. You don’t like just staying on the surface whenever you’re engaged in conversations with people. And sometimes, that can rub others off the wrong way.

6. You are a really good listener.

It shows great strength whenever you are a good listener because a lot of people who are weak and insecure will always feel the need to defend themselves and their points of view. But you’re not insecure. You always understand that there is value in being able to hear other people out.

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7. You aren’t so forgiving of excuses.

You have very high standards, and you are just the kind of guy who believes that there is always a workaround to any problem. You don’t really buy into peoples’ excuses because you think that if there is a will, then there’s a way. You hate it when people give up at the earliest signs of adversity.

8. You don’t let your fears cripple you.

You aren’t strong just because you don’t have fears. You are afraid a lot. But you are strong because you don’t let your fears defeat you into submission. You don’t let your fears cripple you into inaction. You are always ready to face your fears with your courage and bravery.

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