90’s TV couples that depict relationship goals

Love in the 90’s was the perfect definition of what a happy couple looked like.

It’s very common that we are reminded of the 90’s love couples as depicted in movies when we think of our special someone. We want our love life to be like one of Jed Nelson’s romance movies. Too bad it can’t actually be so, though. That still leaves us with the idea of what a perfect love looks like and what it feels like, thanks to the perfect couples 90’s movies presented to us. Here is a list of the best 90’s couples making us think about those relationship goals.

  1. Brenda And Dylan

Beverly Hills 90210 back in the 90’s definitely makes us fall in that mood where we want to set proper relationship goals. How? Because when it showed us bad boy Dylan with Kelly despite a third person (Kelly)and the efforts they made to be together, it just gives us hope that maybe there can be such a thing as beating all odds in the name of love. So despite the distance Dylan faced due to Brenda being away in London, the love still bloomed as bright as ever. That will forever give us relationship goals.

  1. Joey And Dawson

To fall in love with your best friend? Nothing in the world can be sweeter. These two soul mates and best friends might have been meant to be together forever.though it depends on who you ask. Despite the crazy love triangle of Joey with Pacey, fans still felt Dawson was the one for her. So even though some of us might feel that Joey had a good chemistry with both of them, what actually makes us think about relationship goals is Joey and Dawson, given the best friend bonus; of knowing each other since forevera love both young and sweet, naive and innocent, exactly how it should be.


  1. Willow And Oz

As much as we all loved, Buffy and Angel, it goes without saying that Willow and Tara were a great match for one other side by side. That is because there was something so innocent and simple about their relationship in the beginning of the series. The mere fact that they were both so nerdy at the same time only added in their natural love and charm. The reason it showed us a side to what relationship goals look like is the fact that you do not really have to change anything at all about yourself to be with someone; that you can definitely be adored, appreciated, cared for loved for who you are no matter your quirks and flaws. Relationship goals after all.

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  1. Uncle Jesse And Becky

Remember how cute and lovely these two were? Makes you think that despite the many ups and down in a relationship you two face, there is always going to be room for some sweetness and laughter, some smiles and hugs. They make your relationship goals go so much further that you find yourself thinking about marriage and kids, even.


  1. Sabrina And Harvey

Talk about loving a difficult person even though Sabrina was cute with her sweet storylines and whacky witch tricks plus dressing sense, Harvey still accepted her as she was. It made us think about long-term relationship goals indeed. These two really showed us what it means to beВ ˜made for each other.’

  1. Chandler And Monica

Not much else from pop culture can compare to the love depicted by these two in the all-time hit series Friends. Being friends, then best friends who were always being there for each other, only to end up falling in love with each other by going with the flow and letting things bereally makes you love the mere concept of love, doesn’t it? Monica’s love for Chandler despite his weird sarcasm and Chandler’s love for Monica despite her extreme need to be cleanliness freakit taught us how to accept the ones we love as they are and help them grow as a person all in the name of love.

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  1. J. And Steve

The love these two shared, just looking at the way they were always there for eachmost of us watched Full House for this couple alone. It was cute, cheesy, comfortable and opened our hearts to that young and innocent kind of love from the 90’s.

  1. Corey And Topanga

Talk about cuteness, this couple rang the bell high when it comes to reminding us of how great that 90’s love looked and felt like. They make us wonder how love can defeat all obstacle, that how important itВ is to look after the one you love. It’s like one couldn’t go on without the other. From childhood’s hour to later in life, these two couldn’t leave each other’s side.

  1. Angela And Jordan

Even though the show run for long, it still made us think of those relationship goals because in the end, it was pretty clear that these lovebirds were made for each other. We loved them. Despite not being a ˜perfect’ couple, they were still lovely.

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