How do you know if a guy loves you or wants to use you?

Step number one in getting rid of the guys who are straight up undeserving of you is to improve and refine your standards of romance. What tells you a guy is with you for nothing but you? as in, how do you know he doesn’t have any other intentions or any other agendas? How can you be sure he’s not using you for his own desires and advantages? A principal part of romance is that you just focus on a person if you’ve spent a lot of time with and have had an had an old friendship with, oh, and someone your friends and family seems to like him too really. Now is the time to use for yourself hither he’s worth marrying or not.

So, in case you have your doubts before tying the knot with someone, here’s what you need to do before you seal the deal with the man. First of all, be VERY observant oh how he reacts when his suggestions and attempts at trying to get physical with you are rejected. For example, you both go to the movies, and on your way back, he wants to end the day by getting into your pants. Maybe, you’re not in the mood for it? So while he suggests that you two get down to the sexy stuff, start making out and take it further from there.

That is a very reasonable and even healthy thing to do in a relationship, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to get intimate with your partner unless that’s ALL that is being desired and asked for. Start by suggesting to do something else or even nothing at all. Say something along the lines of “maybe some other time” or whatever you think should be said at that moment. Observe his reaction. Analyze it. Is he subtly or overtly throwing a tantrum like a toddler? Is he finding it hard to suppress his frustration an disappointment because you’ve said no to getting physical with him? He might just goa s far as casually saying something like “so you mean I’m not going to get anything from you?” “you’re saying we just can’t do it?” “not even a little bit? For a little while?” “are you sure” “why would you want to make me feel unsatisfied?”

If he goes on to say or do anything that is immature and just highlights him agitation and impatience, you know what he’s really looking for. He could even leave. As in, go for good. He could be utterly offended by how he has been rejected more than once an that could make him go, trust me, that happens more often than you may think even though it may sound surprising. A man like that clearly does not realize that what he’s asking for holds a lot of value and it has to be earned. Moreover, he also doesn’t understand that he can’t get on with it unless the girl wants it too and if he does, then at least he doesn’t seem to be entirely cool with that.

Putting yourself in a situation like that, may not be easy. It will definitely feel unsettling, awkward and just, difficult. However, the sense and maturity in you will give you the reassurance that what you’re doing is absolutely necessary. If you happen to realize that the guy you’re with is all about the sex and isn’t half as interested in you as he is in taking you to bed, then that may hit you. Actually, if you really love him or if you’re really hoping for things to work out then it will hit you pretty hard. However, it’s so much better for you to get to know who he really is and what he’s really interested in rather than spending more time with him and finding out later on. That will be harder. Worst case scenario: you end up committing to him for good. That sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it? No woman wants a relationship with a man who has any intentions of using her more than loving her.

Although you can always try and make sure by doing something like what has been mentioned above there are no guarantees that it will still work correctly. Time is the best test of all tests. Time will reveal his true colors and intentions more than anything else. So tread carefully and proceed slowly. Don’t rush into things, take your time to know the guy as well as you can before making any decision that will have a significant impact on your life.

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