If He Hasn’t Done This Yet, Don’t Have Sex With Him

One night stands ?‍♀️

Navigating the dating scene is just so rough these days. Dating has evolved from something that was already so complex and complicated to begin with into something that is just almost downright impossible to figure out. In the advent of the internet, it’s not uncommon for people to actually go online in an effort to find a suitable mate for them. However, dating apps and dating sites have also changed the mentality of people in their approaches to dating – particularly the men.

Whenever a man relies on a dating app to help him meet prospective female partners, he doesn’t necessarily go into the relationship with the same kind of mindset that the men of the past had. The virtual world has really changed the game – and the players who play it. When a man meets a woman in real life (outside of the use of modern dating algorithms), they have less options and so they are less likely to take an amazing girl for granted.

They know just how hard it is to find a quality woman – and so whenever they find a great girl, they know they have to do whatever it takes to not lose her. They know that a great catch comes along fairly rarely in a traditional dating climate.

Now that isn’t to say that men who make use of dating apps don’t have difficulties in finding great women, but they approach the dating game a little differently. They treat it as more of a gamble than anything else. They can find an amazing woman and feel like they’ve hit the jackpot, but because of the unlimited sea of options out there, they will start to feel like they are going to be missing out on something better.

And so they don’t really end up valuing what’s in front of them because they are too caught up thinking about what they’re missing out on. And they won’t necessarily commit to the amazing woman just because they think they can find a better one through these dating apps. It’s the “grass is greener on the other side” kind of mindset. They can’t seem to be content with what they have because they are too focused on what they could have instead

Studies have found that men who typically using dating apps a lot are probably dating an average of 5-6 women at a time. It’s the “collect and select” strategy that has been made easier because of these dating apps. And while that may be frustrating to think about, it’s still information that you’re going to need to arm yourself with if you’re a single woman who is looking to get into the dating scene.

Men who use dating apps are going to categorize women into two different types:

The first category is the women who he is likely to sleep with; and the second category is composed of the women he wants to date.

For the first category, this is usually the more populated list. It’s highly likely that men will fill this list up with names and names because that’s just how guys are. He has his animal urges, and e’s not going to be coy about it at all. Men take a very different approach to sex as women, and so you shouldn’t be surprised as to why they think about sex like this.

For the second category, this can be significantly much smaller than the first. You can best expect that to be the case. These are the women he genuinely enjoys being with. These are the women he really thinks he has a shot at having an emotional connection with. He doesn’t just find them physically appealing, but he also considers them to have real depth and substance.

These are the women he wouldn’t have a problem with taking home to meet the family; the women he would love to bring with him to office parties and friendly gatherings to celebrate special occasions. These are the women he can envision spending the rest of his life with.

And so to go back to the original point of this article. How do you know if you should have sex with a guy? Well, the answer is simple: Don’t… unless he places you in the second category.

This is where you really need to be careful. If you feel like he’s merely after you for the sex, then you shouldn’t give him that satisfaction. You shouldn’t open yourself up to him in a physical sense. You shouldn’t let him in. Because once he is through with you, he’s just going to leave you behind regardless if you ask him to stay or not. So make sure that he places you in the second category before you allow him to have his way with you on a physical level.

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