Man Shocked: Daughter Not His Biologically – Contemplates Leaving Wife, Faces Backlash

A father has ignited a heated debate after disclosing his intentions to leave his wife and child upon learning that the girl might not be biologically his.

The unnamed man, believed to be from the US, posted on Reddit that during a heated argument with his wife, she revealed that their nine-year-old may not be his biological child. Upon further investigation, the husband confirmed his wife’s suspicion, and he is now contemplating seeking a divorce.

Nevertheless, this decision could potentially render his ex-wife and the child he once thought was his daughter homeless. Reddit users criticized the father in the comments, labeling him as ‘totally messed up’ and ‘clearly a bad dad’.

“We had been married for 10 years and we have a daughter who is nine going on 10,” he explained in his post. “Me and my wife had a fight and she said something about my daughter not being mine I kept a straight face but after she realized what she said she left and went to bed.”

The man continued, “I had never thought about my daughter not being mine, but I had to know if she was or wasn’t. Long story short I got a paternity test and I wasn’t her father. I showed it to my wife who begged and pleaded with me not to get a divorce, but I told her that I was.”

After revealing the heart-wrenching news to friends and family, the man claims they all advised him to sever ties with his ex-wife and her daughter.

“I don’t want to raise a child that’s not mine nor do I wanna pay for her either. My wife keeps calling me telling me not to make her and our child homeless, but I don’t care if she is homeless or not she shouldn’t have cheated,” he added.

Before seeking the forum members’ opinions, the man disclosed that the girl’s biological father had passed away a few years ago. Numerous members voiced their shock in the comments, dismayed by the man’s remarks concerning a child he had cared for over nine years.

“That poor little girl. She doesn’t know you are not her daddy,” one Redditor said.

“Wife is an a******, but you may not be your daughters bio-dad but to her you are her dad,” a second commented.

“This is what makes me sad. He’s not upset or heartbroken. He’s angry. He should be sad that she isn’t because he loves her. Poor kid,” a third user added.

“Yeah, he clearly doesn’t love her. The hard thing is that she probably adores him. This is going to devastate her,” said another.

“You raised that kid for 10 years and would be fine with never seeing her again? With her growing up realizing that she wasn’t worth keeping in your life?” someone asked.

“Not sure where you are but you may still be financially responsible for any child born to your wife while you were married,” added someone else.

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Source: Reddit

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