Man Sparked Debate After Refusing to Give up his Seat for a Pregnant Woman

A man with ‘bad feet and knees’ sparked an online debate after revealing that he refused to give up his seat for a pregnant woman while waiting in line.

Taking to Reddit’s AITA platform, user u/Constant_Tune4461 anonymously detailed his story and explained how he didn’t give up his seat that he specially brought due to his bad hand and knees condition at a 40-minute waiting period outside his nephews’ high school.

According to the US-based OP, his nephews recently graduated high school, and he wanted to attend their graduation ceremony. So, he brought his own camping chair to avoid standing the whole time while waiting in the queue.

“My nephews both graduated from high school this morning and I wanted to sit up front so I camped out a bit in front of the entrance. I brought my folding camping chair and my headphones to listen to my show,” he wrote on Reddit.

While he was waiting in the queue, a pregnant woman approached OP and politely asked him if he could give his seat to her since it was difficult for her to be standing the whole time. However, OP politely refused as he especially brought the chair due to his health condition.

“About 40 minutes before the school would let us inside, a pregnant woman got next to me since somebody let her in line (I assume her partner). She asked me within 5 minutes (politely admittedly) if she could have my chair as she was going to have trouble standing the whole time. I said no, sorry I need it more (bad feet/knees) and went back to my things.

Two minutes later, the woman requested again; this time, her partner also asked OP to leave his chair for her. But the man didn’t leave his seat and asked them to find another solution to their problem as it was not his problem they didn’t think it through.

“She asked me again within 2 minutes, and the answer was the same. She, however got a little mad at me and said that she was going to be struggling the whole time and asked her partner to tell me. He asked me himself (politely) and I again responded that sorry but I need it more and suggested she could wait in their car or just sit in the ground.”

“At this point the husband directly called me an asshole but left me alone.”

At the end of his post, the user asked his fellow Redditors if he was TA for not giving up his seat for the pregnant lady.

OP’s post received reactions from more than 21,000 Redditors, and nearly 3500 users commented on his post. The majority sided with the OP and said people should not expect others to do them favors and then get mad when they don’t get things done their way.

“You refused to give up the chair you brought because you needed it due to your own health conditions. I do feel for the woman, but she and her partner should have brought their own chairs and not assumed they were entitled to yours,” one wrote in the comment section.

“Health condition or not, it’s his chair that he brought with him. The entitlement some people have is just amazing to me,” a second said.

“Even if OP were able bodied, and had zero health issues, he’d still be NTA. The couple are AHs for even asking. The audacity,” a third commented.

“NTA. If your pregnant and going to wait for over half hour, come prepared and don’t expect strangers with possible problems of their own to give up their seat,” a fourth added.

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