10 Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Giving You What You Deserve

Am I getting what I deserve out of this relationship? Am I doing enough to stay committed to this relationship? Is this all there is to it?

When you reach that point that you ask questions like these to yourself, it is a sign your relationship might not be fulfilling your needs as you expected it would. It demands looking at your and your partner’s goals, evaluate your intentions and work towards getting what you truly deserve out of your relationship.

When you don’t necessarily feel like you’re getting that, it doesn’t mean you ought to give up completely on the relationships. Such signs, that give you the impression you are not at the receiving end of the line in your relationship, simply indicate to making an effort to figure out how to get what you are worth of and what you actually deserve.

Following are some of these signs:

  1. There’s been a lack of physicality

Wanting to cuddle and hug your partner is a natural thing. It releases the hormone oxytocin often called the ˜cuddle hormone’ responsible for increasing physical intimacy, released when mothers nurse their infants or basically when two humans touch hence bringing them closer.

So being without it is like being on a crash diet, starving yourself. If there hasn’t been enough touch with your partner, ask for it without sounding too needy. Fulfilling the physical drive matters just as much as the rest of it.

  1. You feel insecure

If you under the constant fear your partner will leave you or is cheating on you even though there’s proof of neither situations, it is because you feel insecure about the relationship. Being in such a constant state of worry will come in your way to function properly.

Mostly, due to lack of communication, you might not be clear about your partner’s intentions, making you feel insecure. Talk things out with them and gain clearer perspective about their feelings and intentions. Much of our sorrows arise by standing on our own shadow anyway.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. You give, get none

Some people are naturally more giving, even though they know there isn’t much to gain. They even enjoy being like that. But if you feel your partner is taking full advantage of you and gives you literally nothing back in return then you ought to step up to get what you deserve.

It’s a one-sided relationship if you give more than you get. Your partner should at least fulfill your basic emotional and mental needs.

  1. Your partner is ungrateful

Giving your all to them and having it be taken for granted is a major sign you aren’t getting enough out of your relationship. Sometimes you might also fall under that impression because of your partner’s unexpressive behavior towards everything you do for them.

Such a relationship where the other person doesn’t even value what you do for them is a seriously deficit one in terms of keeping you deprived of what you deserve.

  1. You take the lead on most occasions

When you realize that if it weren’t for you, you and your partner would just be homebodies who never went out and socialized, it is because you are taking the lead much too often. You care about the relationship more, so much more so as to always be the one to get out there and have a good time. You’re clearly not getting enough. Your partner ought to make an effort in this too.

  1. You’re mostly alone

The matter speaks for itself, if your partner spends too much time away from you and you often find yourself all alone… that doesn’t sound like something couples in a good relationship would have, where you’re getting exactly what you deserve now does it?

You give everything to make the relationship but if your partner doesn’t even bother spending some time with you, it’s not even close to what you deserve.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. You feel left out

It’s a good sign when your partner makes you their first priority they include you in all the parties out with friends, in all the family get-togethers and everything in between.

But when you feel left out much too often because you are not your partner’s first priority then it is unfair to you and not in the least bit what you deserve. Being in a relationship means you get to share every inch of their life with them and vice versa.

  1. You take the blame too often

Your partner should be able to admit it when it’s their mistake, and take care not to act the same way in the future. If they do not take responsibility for their actions and words but instead you find yourself saying ˜I’m sorry’ much too often then they are not giving you the benefit of the doubt.

You shouldn’t settle for something like that, instead make them know their mistake and take accountability for it.

  1. You feel unsupportive

So you daydream quite often about your future but don’t see your partner in it with you. That’s probably because they haven’t been supportive enough in reality and you deserve all the support you can get in your relationship.

  1. You turn bitter

When you aren’t getting what you deserve in your relationship, the balance of power will shift, making you think your partner has it better than you hence turning you bitter towards them.

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