This Is The Number One Reason Men Suddenly Lose Interest In Relationships

Why would he suddenly lose interest in you and the relationship if, from your perspective, everything was fine? Why wouldn’t he be having fun with you even if you’re having the time of your life? Well, this question is fairly common. It’s a situation that many people are familiar with; not just you. You aren’t alone in this. And you’d be surprised to know that the answer is fairly simple.

Usually, this is the sequence of events: You meet someone and you establish some kind of connection and bond with one another. You get to know one another more and you start to invest yourself in the potential of your relationship. Everything is going great for now and you’re really starting to get into it. You go out on a few dates and you feel like the ball is really rolling now. Nothing can stop you.

You have undeniable chemistry whenever you’re with one another. You always have a good time together. You have fun and you share a lot of laughs. You’ve been out on a few dates already at this point and you’ve already established a kind of rhythm and routine with one another. The idea of you getting serious starts to really excite you. You are really thrilled at how things are going and where you’re headed as a couple. Is this really it? Is this going to turn out to be the love that you’ve always been looking for? You continue to take things step by step because you really believe in what you have.

But then things don’t seem so fine and dandy anymore. Things aren’t so perfect after all and you start to develop a sense of dread and concern. You develop anxiety because things aren’t going the way you want hem to anymore. You notice that he is starting to pull away; to distance himself from you. You start to notice that he isn’t so immersed and engaged in the relationship at this point. He’s slowly excluding himself from the various aspects of your life until one day, he’s gone completely. You’ve lost him and you don’t know how to get him back. Things have gone horribly wrong but you don’t really know why. Why did things end up crumbling down into nothing? What could you have done better? Is there anything you could have done to prevent it?

It can be really confusing for you as a girl. Whenever you start to lose interest in a guy, you are usually able to figure out why. Typically, it’s easy for you to pinpoint a particular reason for you to lose interest in someone. And you’ve probably experienced this countless times in the past. And so, it’s no biggie to you at all. You can usually just refer to a specific reason; he could be too controlling, he’s not ambitious enough, he doesn’t really think of other people. Whatever. It’s not hard for you to articulate.

But with men, it’s different. The reason that a man can lose interest in a woman is usually very subtle. It’s usually very simple as well. But it can go under the radar a lot of the time. A man can lose interest in a girl when he starts to realize that she’s seeing him as more as an object than an actual human being. And the truth is that so many women over the world are guilty of doing this without them even realizing it. And that’s where the real problem lies. Because you could be doing it all the time in your relationships and you might not even be aware of it.

As a woman, it’s been proven that you’re going to have a tendency to idealize and romanticize your relationship and your man. You’re going to want to envision a full future with the guy that you’re dating. Sure, you’ve only been out on a few dates. You’ve only been seeing each other for a few months, but you’re already planning out the life that you’re going to share together. And that’s really going to show. That’s really going to be evident in the eyes of your man. And when he notices that, he’s going to lose interest. It’s not that he’s going to be offended. It’s just that he doesn’t want to be thinking too far ahead at the expense of the present. He doesn’t want to be looking towards the future if it means having to be blind to the present. And if you don’t want to lose your man, never lose sight of the present. Always live in the moment. Don’t treat him like a mere object of your wild romantic dreams. Treat him like a real person who is worth loving, respecting, and valuing.

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