This Is Why I’m Thankful That My Ex Cheated On Me

Cheating. It’s not exactly all that uncommon. In fact, it practically happens in every corner of the globe. There are so many people right now who are supposedly locked into committed relationships. And yet, they still find it within themselves to betray those who love them.

It’s always a devastating situation whenever there’s cheating and infidelity involved. It’s a betrayal of trust and it’s a bastardization of the commitment that you make towards another human being. It’s rarely ever something that would be able to see coming.

You aren’t always aware of what your partner is doing behind your back when you’re not looking. Sometimes, it’s the gradual buildup of toxicity in a relationship that can lead a person to cheat.

And since that buildup is so gradual, it can be really difficult to spot and manage. Of course, there’s never really any valid excuse for a person to cheat. I’m a firm believer that cheating in a relationship is never going to be justifiable under any circumstances. However, I am also glad that my ex cheated on me.

I am very much happy with everything that took place. Of course, I decided to end things with my ex after I had found out that he had knocked some other girl up. He had gotten someone else pregnant even though we were already dating for more than a year. And of course, all of the usual suspects came around.

I felt shocked at first. I didn’t know that something like that could ever happen to me. And then I was angry. I was angry that the man I loved and trusted could ever cheat on me like that. And then I felt sadness. I felt so sad about the situation that I had found myself in. And after all of that sadness came self-doubt.

I came to doubt the woman that I was. I came to doubt the idea of love ever really coming into my life. Maybe I wasn’t beautiful enough for anyone. Maybe I was too blind and dumb to make a relationship work. Maybe I did all of the wrong things and I would never have it all figured out.

Maybe there would always be a better option than me. This was the kind of thinking that had plagued me for so long. But then, I decided that enough was enough.

I was completely done with just throwing myself a pity party. I was so done with just telling myself that I wasn’t good enough. I was done with just sulking in my own sorrows and misery. I was done with wallowing in the filth of my own toxic emotions. I decided that just because someone decided to cheat on me doesn’t mean that I was the problem.

I decided to stop blaming myself. I came to the realization that a person who gets cheated on should never be the reflection of another person’s decision to be unfaithful. You should always know that your sense of self-worth should never be tied to another person. It’s always something that you find within yourself.

Just because another person fails to appreciate you in the way that you should be appreciated doesn’t make you any less of a person. That shouldn’t be your problem. That should be theirs. It took me a while to learn these things and that’s why I’m thankful that my ex eventually cheated on me.

It’s because of that experience that I was able to acquire these valuable life lessons for myself. It’s because he cheated on me that I was able to grow up into the women that I really needed to be to face the world every day. I managed to dodge a bullet with that guy. He hurt me but I only came away with a broken heart, a pocket full of lessons, and a head full of dreams.

His cheating on me gave me some kind of a renewed confidence in myself that I never knew existed. Yes, it was such a sad and devastating affair.

But I ended up becoming a lot stronger because of it. I ended up becoming a lot harder because of all the trials that I had to endure. I took all of the pain that I was feeling and I turned it into an outer shell to protect me as I move forward into the future.

Yes, breakups are heard. They can break you. But that doesn’t mean that they’re the end of the road. Sometimes, a breakup can also signify a new beginning. It can signify the birth of the person that you are meant to become all along. And that’s always something that you have to be thankful for, right?

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