Woman Who Married a Victorian Ghost Revealed She’s Divorced Him by Having an Exorcism

A woman who married the ghost of a Victorian-era soldier last year has now revealed that they have divorced.

40-year-old Brocade from Oxfordshire shocked the world last year after revealing that she tied the knot with a ghost of a soldier named Edwardo, who served in the military force in the Victorian era.

She claimed she met him one night during a storm when Edwardo’s ghoul suddenly broke into her room. According to Brocade, they got along well and decided to get into a relationship, and after only five months of dating, she and the ghoul decided to get married.

Their wedding happened on Halloween last year. However, on their honeymoon, Edwardo got drunk and became increasingly possessive of Brocade which she said was the point where things went downhill.

“He grew increasingly more aggressive and nasty and began to haunt me with the sound of a screaming baby,” she said. “I concluded that the only way to get rid of Edwardo was to exorcise him, so I embarked on the harrowing process in the chapel that we got married in.”

“After hours, he was finally purged from my system, I felt light and free and excited to be released of his troubled spirit,” she added.

According to Brocade, who is a singer and songwriter with over 185K followers on Instagram, the spirit was ‘devilishly handsome’. It started confiding in her after their first encounter in her bedroom.

‘”I met Edwardo when he burst into my bedroom uninvited one dark stormy night” she said. “Unsettled and unable to sleep, I tossed and turned, preoccupied by an argument I’d had with her friend, it was an upsetting night and rain was lashing at the windows.”

“Out of nowhere I felt an intense burning in my heart, the sensation moved slowly throughout my whole body, making me tingle, and down and out through my toes” the woman described. “I was compelled upright in bed, forced into a sitting position, I reached back to turn on the bedside light but my hand was forced back away, I tried again this time I was able to pull the cord.”

The singer claimed to have felt a ‘warmth’ on her neck and then somebody whispered, ‘I love you,’ in her ear.

“A warm breath on my neck whispered ‘I love you’ as the spirit departed and the room fell cold. I was left shaking and trembling in bed as tears streamed down my face.”

Brocade added that after their first meeting, Edwardo started revealing himself ‘more frequently’ in front of her and she really admired his alluring personality and charming voice.

“After our initial meeting Edwardo slowly revealed more about himself to me,” she said. “I saw his images as a Victorian solider, he was always in his uniform, even on our wedding day, his face is devilishly handsome, shoulder length unruly hair, he looks lived in, well worn, troubled almost, there’s a pain attached to his being.”

“His voice is commanding and forceful, yet he whispers to seduce.”

The singer described her ghost lover as having a mixed-personality where sometimes he would become threatening and possessive, and other times, he would act like someone who was very warm and intense.

Brocade also revealed that Edwardo had an unsettling fascination with Marilyn Monroe.

“He had an unsettling fascination with Marilyn Monroe. It started on our wedding day when he spotted her in the chapel, then he’d disappear for days on end and reappear, smelling of Chanel No. 5.”

“I came to the conclusion that the journey with Edwardo had no positive conclusion and his energy was dragging me down,” she explained. “There was no break up conversation. I consulted a physic medium to help me assert my boundaries over Edwardo and to try to tame him but it didn’t work.”

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