The Zodiac Sign That Your Zodiac Sign Should Be Avoiding At All Costs

If only I’d read this before, could have avoided a brutal breakup!

1. Aries (March 21 April 19)


Never interact with a Pisces unless you absolutely have to. They’re bad news when it comes to how you want to live your life. A Pisces is known to always be sensitive and emotional. You, an Aries, are just a little too emotionally detached and robotic. You’re very mechanical and you don’t really hold feelings or emotions too much importance. A Pisces will be too demanding when it comes to relationships, and you just don’t have the time nor the patience for such demands. You can also read our very famous articles on how to love an Aries  and  how you should be loved.

2. Taurus (April 20 May 21)


You’re a very safe and calculating person. A Taurus always seeks stability, order, and consistency. A Gemini is just a little too erratic and spontaneous for your taste. A Gemini will drive you crazy with their sporadic nature and so it’s probably best to not get

3. Gemini (May 22 June 21)


Similar to the Taurus, a Virgo also craves for order and consistency. A Virgo will absolutely hate it when you disrupt his or her routine. You are free-spirited and more liberal in nature. It’s highly likely that you won’t find a successful relationship with people who aren’t adventurous or willing to break away from routine. At all costs, try to avoid those who are virtually incapable of going on random explorations with you. Also read our separate article for Geminies: 5 Easy Ways to Love a Gemini 

4. Cancer (June 22 July 22)


You know that you are a very emotional and empathetic person. As a Cancer, you always want to be with someone who is able to replicate whatever feelings you may be feeling. And so naturally, you have to avoid Capricorns at all costs. They are people who are completely devoid of emotion and they aren’t going to be able to reciprocate your feelings towards them. They are also turned off by people who get too emotionally attached and dependent on other people.  Also read 10 things you need to know about a Cancerian woman