10 Signs You’re An Option, Not A Priority

There is no denying that among the most challenging lessons that human beings are eventually going to have to learn, it’s essential for one to know that not everyone is going to turn out as you initially expected. While at face value, it may seem like you are someone they are very much invested in, the truth may be otherwise. This is a lesson that you will learn over time as you meet more and more different kinds of people. You have to maintain a strong chin and do not let your ego get the better of you. You should only be willing to fully invest yourself in the people who are also willing to spend as much in you. There is no point in prioritizing a person who doesn’t think that much of you as well.

We’ve all been through that. We have found ourselves in relationships wherein there are blatant imbalances in the dynamics of social interaction. We can find ourselves giving and giving, and in the end, we barely get any scraps. We may not even know when we victimize other people in this manner. They may be devoting a lot of time and emotional energy into us even when we don’t think much of them. The key is to find out early on whether you are a person’s priority or not. If you find that you aren’t, then move on and make any necessary adjustments. If you find that some of these examples listed here apply to you, then you should reassess your relationship now.

1. You find yourself uninvited to important events and social gatherings.

If you ranked high on someone’s priority list, you would find yourself invited to important events and parties. However, when your name isn’t on the guest list a lot of the time, then you have to consider the possibility that you are far from being a VIP a significant person.

2. They are always struggling to remember the details of your life.

If a person cared about you, they would be hanging at every single word you say. Even the most straightforward most nuanced details about your life would be valuable information for them, and they would always make an effort to remember it.

3. You only get valuable time with each other as a result of last-minute planning.

You are never the beneficiary of a date or an outing that has been planned for a long time. If you always find yourself being in the company of someone who only asks you out last-minute, then that means you weren’t the first person who was asked. There is probably a long list of people who declined an invitation to go out before you were considered an option.

4. They tell you that your hysterics are a result of you being needy.

Whenever you call your partner out on your observations, they will turn the tables on you and say that you’re just obsessive and needy. They will start to victimize you instead of to deflect the blame and divert the spotlight to someone else.

10 Signs You're An Option, Not A Priority 2


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