11 Bad Signs Of A Terrible Partner That Most People Tend To Miss In Relationships

Don’t ignore these red flags.

In hindsight, everything is 20/20. But that’s just the thing. We have to be able to see everything clearly as they’re happening to us in the moment. We can’t afford to not be seeing everything from a clear perspective. We can’t afford to continue operating in the dark. We can’t afford to be ignorant to the effects of our own actions and decisions. We have to always stay vigilant so that we know exactly what we’re getting ourselves into especially when it comes to love. We never want to find ourselves in a position where we commit ourselves to something that is bad for us. We should never have to commit to toxic relationships. We always have to do our part in protecting ourselves from failing romances and a huge bulk of that effort lies in being able to spot the good partners out from the bad ones. And a lot of times, the signs can present themselves in a relationship fairly early on. But a lot of people end up missing out on these signs because their feelings of love and attraction bind them to the truth.

So if you don’t want to end up getting blindsided, you have to stay vigilant. Keep an eye out for some of these red flags because a lot of people tend to miss them in a fresh relationship. Here are 11 bad signs of a terrible partner that most people tend not to notice in a new relationship:

1. Your partner pressures you into rushing through the stages of a relationship.

A relationship should always be allowed to take its natural course. You can’t ever expect a relationship to work out for the best if you’re constantly rushing through it. If your partner is rushing you, then it could point to potentially abusive and manipulative behavior in the long run.

2. Your partner doesn’t really have any experience in love.

You should be familiar with the saying that you would never want to be a person’s first. This would be fine if you’re just starting out in the dating scene as well. But if you’re a little too experienced with dating already, you wouldn’t want to have to put up with someone who is new to the game.

3. Your partner is way too experienced in relationships.

And on the other side of the spectrum, you don’t want to be with someone who is way too experienced as well. Someone who has been around the block way too many times is someone who clearly has issues especially when they just can’t seem to manage to sustain a real relationship for long.

4. Your partner has a bad and toxic group of friends.

You become the company you keep. And if you know that your partner’s friends are terrible people, then there’s no stopping them from being bad influences on your partner as well.

5. Your partner places you on a pedestal.

Your partner always expects so much from you. They really hype you up and romanticize you to be this ideal human being. While this can be sweet at first, there’s just too much pressure there for a single person to bear for too long.

6. Your partner has always been involved in toxic breakups.

Breakups are tough and the possibility of a breakup is something that never ever really leaves anyone’s mind. But if you notice that your partner has always had toxic breakups in the past, then that is a serious cause for concern. That is a pattern that you don’t want to be a part of.

7. Your partner gets very rude when they become drunk.

Remember that a drunk person speaks sober thoughts. So if your partner just can’t handle alcohol well enough to stay normal, then you shouldn’t be wasting time with that person.

8. Your partner claims to have never gotten heartbroken.

The likely reason that your partner has never been heartbroken is probably because they never really invest themselves as much as they should into a relationship. And know that that’s a serious red flag.

9. Your partner nags about everything.

You don’t want to be with a nagger. You want to be with a doer. There is a substantial difference between a person who is able to point out a problem, and someone who actually does something to solve that problem.

10. Your partner is constantly surrounded by members of the opposite sex.

There are just so many temptations there that you shouldn’t really have to deal with. It’s one thing to be able to trust your partner, but it’s another thing entirely when you have to trust the people surrounding your partner.

11. Your partner has deep family issues.

If your partner has some serious relationship issues with their families, then that’s a cause for concern for two things. For one, your partner clearly has baggage that you shouldn’t be willing to take on for yourself. And second, your partner might come from a seriously dysfunctional family that may toxify your relationship in the long run.

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