4 Uncomfortable Feelings You Get When You’re With Someone Who Isn’t Right For You

If you get any of these feelings, they’re not right for you…

It’s strange how a lot of people still have trouble grappling with the fact that just not everything is meant to turn out the way that they want it to. It’s understandable that one would be disappointed, sad, or distraught whenever their plans don’t pan out the way they originally envision it to. However, there’s really no point in trying to force the issue. A lot of people will get stuck in relationships that aren’t right for them and they will try to stick things out even though incoming doom is practically certain. While some people do manage to postpone the expiration dates of their relationship, there are none who are actually able to put it off permanently.

That’s just because whenever something just isn’t the cards for you, there’s no way for you to be able to stack the deck. You just have to be willing to face the facts and get things over with. Move on with your life and seek newer opportunities. The sooner you realize that you are wasting your time in a relationship, the easier it will be for you to actually find the love that you are really deserving of.  Love is a powerful thing, but that power isn’t always going to be beneficial to a lot of people. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people will get crushed and overwhelmed by the power of their love.

A common example is when people are caught in romantic relationships that are just bad for them, but their love blinds them into thinking that things are fine and dandy even though all the facts state otherwise. A person can’t afford to be blinded by love. When you are caught in a bad relationship with someone, the signs are going to be there and you need to be able to heed them if you want what is best for you. If you let the signs pass you by, you are only setting yourself up for further disappointment and failure. Once you get uncomfortable in a relationship with a person, you have to be able to discern if this is the kind of discomfort that you should be working yourself through, or if it’s the kind of discomfort that is telling you to your face that things aren’t right.

Here are a few uncomfortable feelings that you get when you’re with someone who just isn’t right for you.

1. He only wants you for what’s down there.

He’s only looking to mess around with you in the sack and you know it deep down in your gut. He’s not really all that interested in who you are or what you believe in outside the walls of the bedroom. All he wants out of this relationship is your body and how much of it you’re actually willing to give to him. He’s not too keen on your dreams or your passions in life. You notice this whenever you want to have real discussions or conversations with him. They often lead to nowhere or he just goes back to sex. Your relationship is a physical one, and there’s nothing more to it.

2. Your relationship is hanging by a thread.

You feel like your relationship is as fragile as a newborn baby. Any wrong step could potentially set off a landmine that would send everything just crumbling down to the ground. You feel like you are always anxious in the relationship because any second now, your partner could leave you without any moment’s notice. You are always walking on eggshells around your partner because you are afraid that you might end up giving him a reason to actually break up with you.

3. Your sense of fulfillment is tied up with your relationship.

You don’t really have anything else going on for you outside of your relationship and it makes you feel very sad inside. In life, it shouldn’t always have to be all about your relationship. You can’t possibly build your sense of self-worth on your relationship alone. You have to be able to pursue your own personal interests and your passions outside of your relationship. If you have nothing else going on for you in life, then maybe this relationship just really isn’t the right one for you to be in.

4. Your partner isn’t telling you everything.

A healthy and strong relationship is one where there are practically no secrets. If you feel like your partner is hiding something from you, then that’s probably the case. He doesn’t feel confident, safe, or secure enough to reveal certain things to you because he doesn’t really trust you. He doesn’t respect you enough to think that you deserve the absolute truth from him at all times. Relationships should always be built on open and honest communication. If your partner is unable to communicate with you openly and effectively, then the relationship is really wrong for you.

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