6 Reasons Why It’s So Hard To Relate With A Pisces

Don’t be so quick to count out a Pisces. There is a lot you don’t see underneath the surface.

It’s no secret at this point that a Pisces tends to be one of the most misunderstood signs out of all the Zodiacs. They are very emotional and because of this they tend to keep to themselves. However, the more that they keep to themselves, the harder it is for them to get other people to relate to them. They are very imaginative in the sense that they are dreamers. They are often accused of having their heads up in the clouds way too much. And there is some truth to that. A Pisces is often too much of a dreamer – almost to a fault. They blind themselves from the harshness of reality because of their needs to always believe in the good.

Their minds tend to drift so far away – far beyond the reach of most other people. And it takes so much time and patience before someone can really get to know a Pisces. They don’t like to open themselves up too much because they’re afraid of getting hurt. They’re afraid of having their views of the world tainted by the harshness of the people around them. But if you take the time to really get to know a Pisces, there is really so much more to them than meets the eye.

And it may be hard to understand why a Pisces is just so hard to connect and relate with on a very personal level. But there are a lot of logical reasons as to why that’s the case. If you’re thinking of getting closer to a Pisces, here are a few things that you really need to keep in mind just so you know what you’re getting yourself into; just so you know what you can expect.

1. A Pisces has a tendency to be very reclusive.

A Pisces will want to keep to themselves a lot. It’s not because they don’t want to connect with other people. On the contrary, they really want to be able to forge strong emotional connections with others. It’s just that they tend to deal with so many thoughts and feelings; and sometimes, they feel like they have to keep to themselves in order to make sense of everything. They don’t really like to be putting all their thoughts out there out of fear of being ridiculed.

2. A Pisces will want to escape the troubles of the real world often.

They tend to get scared and frightened easily. Remember that a Pisces is a dreamer; and that they always like to live in a world of ideals. However, the real world isn’t always kind; and a Pisces isn’t always going to be able to confront the harsh realities of everyday life. They will want to retreat often as a way to gather themselves.

3. A Pisces is terribly afraid of getting hurt.

A Pisces wants to open up about how they feel. They know they wouldn’t be able to keep everything that they feel and think to themselves. However, they are hesitant to open up because they are afraid of getting hurt. They are afraid of getting hurt because when they feel pain, they feel it very deeply. They don’t want to be putting themselves in a place of emotional vulnerability – which leads to the next point on this list.

4. A Pisces is emotionally vulnerable.

A Pisces is always known for being quite emotionally vulnerable. They want to wear their hearts on their sleeves a lot, but they know they are always susceptible to getting hurt in ways that other people aren’t. They aren’t as emotionally strong or formidable as other Zodiac signs. They aren’t always so quick to find emotional stability in their own lives. That’s why it can be a struggle dealing with them because of how sensitive and fragile their souls might be.

5. A Pisces will want a lot of alone time.

A Pisces will want to be alone a lot. And it’s not because they don’t enjoy your company. You shouldn’t be taking that as an insult. They only want to be alone a lot because they like their own company. They like having the space to be their own person; to really live with their own thoughts without having the bear the distractions of everyday life. They like the comfort of solitude because that’s where they most find peace.

6. A Pisces is very independent.

A Pisces will know how to get the job done on their own. They will know how to get through life without much help from others. You shouldn’t be taking this personally. They want to be around other people. It’s just that they know that they don’t need other people to take on the challenges that life will throw their way. They know that they can always rely on themselves to pull through whatever tough obstacles they might have to face. But ultimately, a Pisces is still going to crave for human connection and interaction.

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