6 Super Simple Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day

Ways To Spend Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and people are ready to spend their day the best way they can. It doesn’t have to be a lot of work; it can be as simple as you want it to be. It’s only about spending quality time with the person you love; you’re not supposed to love them any more or any less that day.

So this year, let’s keep things clean and straightforward; here are six super simple ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

6. A romantic candlelit dinner, anywhere

It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant; you can have the most romantic dinner even at the house, it’s all about preference. In my case, I’m going to take my girlfriend out to dinner at a restaurant in our city where we first met, so it has sentimental worth to me.

If you don’t cook for them (men and women both), try cooking for them, something they love to eat. It’s all in the effort you put out.

5. A day out, together

Just spend a fun-filled day out together. Play some sports together, go to the cinema, go to a carnival, do anything you can to make sure the day stays exciting and it’s not going to cost you much either. The critical part here is to spend your day with your loved one.

4. A romantic surprise

Surprise your partner, either with something they wanted for a long time or by just being different. Like I said before, you can cook for them if you never do, do something creative, something they can never expect. Send flowers at their office, make sure they receive them, send little love notes to each other, anything will work as long as it’s creative.

3. Just be with each other

Sometimes, it’s not important what you do as long as you’re there. You can make that day special by just only devoting all of it to your partner, tell them you’re going to be with them the entire day, enjoy each other’s company because that’s more important than anything else.

2. Dinner with the in-laws

Do you want to show the person how much they mean to you? Go out of your way. In my case, the most awkward of dinners have been at her parent’s place, but I still do them because of her smile and happiness. Spend time with their family, spread the love.

1. Cuddle up and watch a movie

The ideal thing to do is to cuddle up with each other, in pajamas, while watching your favorite movie, a film that you both enjoy. The simplest things in life bring the most joy, and they can fill you up with satisfaction and happiness. Keep it simple this year.

Question of the day

How do you intend to spend Valentine’s Day this year? Leave your answers in the comments below. Until next time.

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