8 Signs He’s Being Unfaithful Even If He Says Otherwise

Listen to your gut.

There’s just no getting around it Cheating sucks, but it happens. There are just so many inconsiderate people out there who can’t seem to stay loyal in their relationships. They can’t just break things off with the people they’re with now before embarking in third-party romantic relations No one ever wins in circumstances of infidelity.

It’s just a really big mess that ends up hurting everyone involved in it. You would never want to be the victim of an unfaithful predator. If you’re in a relationship with someone who cheats on you, then you would definitely want to know about it. You wouldn’t want to be kept in the dark about your man’s infidelities. You would want to know bout his unfaithful activities so that you can call him out on it and leave him.

But that’s the thing. Most cheaters will cheat under the assumption that they would never get caught. They would never openly admit to you that they’re cheating on you. And that’s why it’s your job to stay vigilant. You would never want to be made a fool of. You would never want someone to be abusing and using you behind your back. You have to keep yourself guarded. You have to be on top of your game. And that all starts with knowing what you’re supposed to be looking for. So how do you find out if your man really is cheating on you? You just have to keep an eye out for the signs.

They might not be openly admitting the fact that they’re cheating on you. But they’re definitely leaving clues in the trail. You just have to sniff them out. Here are 8 signs he’s being unfaithful even if he says otherwise:

1. Your gut is telling you that something isn’t right.

Learn to really trust your instincts. Your gut is there for a reason. It’s there to look out for you. It’s there to make sure that no one screws you over or betrays you. Your gut is trying to help save you from impending heartache and disappointment. If it’s telling you that something is wrong, then it’s probably because something is definitely wrong.

2. There is a substantial shift in his behavior.

If he starts acting so different all of a sudden especially in his treatment towards you, then you know that something is up. If he’s acting super nice towards you, then it could be because he’s guilty and he’s trying to compensate by being excessively nice. If he’s acting rudely towards you, then it’s probably because he’s losing that connection with you and seeking it elsewhere.

3. He doesn’t make you feel like you can trust him.

Trust is more than just a feeling. It’s a connection between two people. And if you feel like that connection is faltering somehow, then it’s certainly happening for a reason.

4. He becomes much more protective of his phone and his computer.

He has a bunch of his messages with his outside beau on his phone and his computer. So, of course, he wouldn’t want to give you access to it. He’s trying to cover his tracks the best way he can. He knows that all of the evidence can be found on his communication device and he doesn’t want to lead you right to the proof of his infidelity.

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