8 Signs That Your Man Is Definitely A Keeper

He is DEFINITELY a keeper!

Commitment is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. If you’re looking to make your relationship work, you have to be able to commit large parts of yourself to your man. You have to be able to dedicate a lot of time, attention, and effort to your relationship if you want your happy ever after. Every woman craves a fairytale ending for any relationship they go into. No sane woman ever goes into a relationship hoping for the worst. They go into these relationships with lots of passion, optimism, and love in the hopes that they are on the receiving end of unparalleled amounts of affection and intimacy. For some women, they are lucky enough to land the man of their dreams early on in life. For the not so lucky ones, they spend a vast bulk of their lives looking for that love that they so desperately deserve.

So how do you know the kind of love that you have going on right now is the one that you should be committing yourself to? You’ve had your share of bad experiences in the past when it comes to romance, and you don’t want just to be wasting your time in a doomed relationship. You want to commit only to the men who have a fighting chance of making you happy for the rest of your life. Just heed the signs and know that if your man applies to a lot of these, then he’s worth keeping.

1. He puts you first.

He places you as his priority in life. He knows that your well-being and sanity come first before anything else. Yes, he gives importance to his career and his personal goals, but you’re always the priority. He is so in love with you that he’s willing to sacrifice parts of his desires so that you can be happy. He will willingly make any compromises if he knows that they’re only done for your best interests.

2. He has got his own life figured out.


Keep a man who has got his act together. You want a man who is financially stable and emotionally healthy. If your man is doing well at work, is physically fit, and is a well-mannered individual, then you’ve got yourself a keeper. It’s always essential that you be with someone who is goal-oriented and who understands the value of planning, preparation, and execution in life. You don’t want someone who is still struggling to discover himself.

3. He makes an effort in getting close to your friends.

He knows how important your friends are to you and so he makes an effort to make them like him also. He wants to inherit your social circles because he considers you a big part of his own life already. It’s also a big plus if your friends do like him.

4. He is your number one fan.

He’s your most ardent cheerleader and supporter. He always tries his best to encourage you to pursue your dreams. He’s your shoulder whenever you need to shed a few tears. He’s your pedestal whenever you need a boost. He’s always there for you to help you become the best possible version of yourself. He understands that you have your own individual goals and aspirations, and he acts as if they’re his own as well. He knows that your successes are his successes as well.

5. He pays attention to the little details.

He has a great eye when it comes to your relationship. He also has an incredible memory, especially when it comes to remembering the little things that you like. He knows that links aren’t always going to be about grand gestures and luxurious splurges. He can make you happy even by putting meaning and emphasis even in the subtle nuances of your relationship.

6. He’s family-oriented.

If you’re looking to establish a family in the future, then you might want to get with a family-oriented man, to begin with. If he’s excellent with kids, and he treats his parents well, then you know he’s a family-oriented guy. He would be a great guy to build a family with.

7. He considers your happiness his own happiness.

He gets happy whenever you get happy because he loves the way that you smile and looks at him when you’re bursting with joy. He always makes an effort to bring you to absolute happiness. His happiness is almost dependent on yours because he shares that level of emotional intimacy with you.

8. You’re a better person now than you’ve ever been because of him.

This is it. You’re the person you’ve always wanted to become, and it’s because you have a supportive and strong man in the background. You’re very confident, successful, and happy because of his efforts. You know that you can’t imagine a future without him and he’s worth fighting for.

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