Do Not Marry the Woman Who Has These 9 Habits

Marriage isn’t a game.

Marriage is a huge commitment. You never want to get sucked into a marriage that is going to end up making you downright unhappy and frustrated with your life. You always have to make sure that before you get married to a fine lady, you should have the mental and emotional faculties that are necessary to really sustain a marriage. You have to be a mature human being who understands that love and marriage aren’t easy and that a lot of work and commitment really goes into churning out a successful union between two people.

But aside from merely building yourself up to be a person who is truly ready for marriage. You also have to make sure that you choose the right partner to spend the rest of your life with. You can’t afford to not be choosy when selecting your potential mate. You always have to make sure that the lady you choose is someone who you are compatible with. Remember that you are going to have to share your life with his woman. So a lot of thought and analysis has to go into selecting your wife..

While it can be wrong to automatically dismiss a woman without getting to know them, there are just some kinds of women that you really should veer away from. These are the types of women who will make it incredibly difficult for you to be happy in a marriage. These are the women who are going to make you want to just put a gun to your head and shoot yourself if you’re not careful. So always be receptive of all kinds of women, but always make sure to stay guarded as well. You don’t want to end up marrying a woman who is going to corrupt your soul and your whole idea of love. Here are the types of women you should avoid marrying at all costs.

1. The one who is bitter about everything.


This woman is the ultimate negation. She is always upset and being negative about something. She is constantly bringing negative vibes into your life. She’s like a human black cloud always choosing to hover over you making everything gloomy.

2. The one who only ever thinks about herself.

This is the girl who will never pay you any mind. She is incredibly selfish and she is only ever looking out for herself. She won’t really give a damn about how you feel unless she knows she can get something out of it.

3. The one who is all about material possessions.

She is going to want the most lavish gifts from you. She isn’t going to be interested in your love unless it comes in the form of expensive commercial items. You are going to go broke trying to please her so you have to be careful.

4. The one who is a big flirt.

Her eyes aren’t going to be reserved for you. She is going to keep on scouting for potential targets she can use her moves on. She likes the game of flirting and she likes to play with different kinds of people. You will never feel a sense of security when you’re with her.

5. The one who wants to party every weekend.

At some point, you are both going to have to grow up and say goodbye to the whole club and party scene. So if she’s still the type of girl who wants to go out clubbing every single weekend, then she probably hasn’t matured enough for marriage yet.

6. The one who thinks she’s entitled to everything.

She is going to demand the world from you and even if you do manage to give it to her, it’s never going to be enough. She is the type of girl who thinks she doesn’t have to work hard for the things that she wants. She believes that everything should be served to her on a silver platter.

7. The one who can’t stand not being the center of attention.

She is never going to allow you to shine. She will be jealous of whatever success you are going to get. She wants all eyes to be on her at all times.

8. The one who can’t stop gossiping.

She is going to be all about the drama. And eventually, drama is going to end up poisoning a relationship. When you get older, you are going to want to limit the drama as much as possible. So if your wife is a constant source of drama, then that’s something that you should be worried about.

9. The one who is afraid of commitment.

Of course you need a wife who is going to commit to you. Commitment is key in actually making a marriage work and so you always need to make sure that your girl is ready to really work things out with you for the long haul.

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  1. Hmmmmm. Thanks so much.this is actually true. This speaks a lot about human character, am not married yet but have been in a relationship with someone who possess 8 of those characters. It’s well.

  2. So true about all these points. My man popped the Question of marriage nd im happy that he told me that i am a material marriage type. I respect him so much as he respects me too.

  3. All those points are true. I could never live with such a person. I am married to my wife for the past 56 years and, while our relationship took a certain amount of adjustment, it didn’t cause any worthwhile problem. We are and always were totally suited to each other. I guess we were incredibly lucky.

  4. Very helpful points. My life is miserable cos i married a woman who matches almost all the above mentioned points

  5. The writer is a good researcher, from experience in my passed relationships, this is what I passed through, but I believe God will help to provide for me in choosing the right one soon.

  6. These are all true. I’ve experienced it and been there before. Sorry to say, but everyday im with her was such a horrible day.Were Just living together but not Yet martied. I pray that She change but to no avail. Luckily we broke up recentrly . Thank God He did not allow me stay longer and be married to such kind of woman.

  7. Marriage is a lifelong commitment. Better break off the engagement than proceed into marriage when you see these habits. With age unreasonable people become worse.

  8. Unfortunately I have married a woman having all these 9 habits and as such leading a miserable life for last 30 years . In the meantime my children have grown up and can live independently now. Is it advisable to go for divorce at this age(60. years) or go on compromising this situation?

    1. The question is, will u be happy after a fews months of divorce or will u miss her badly? Wouldn’t it be good to have a hearty talk with ur spouse? Where to start? Take her for a date. Treat her the way how u first met. Romance dies in the daily life’s ruggedness. It’s easy to throw in the towel. But should you give it one more go? Now that your kids r own their own, why not a second honeymoon? 😉

    2. Divorce at 60? As bad as it seems, there are situations we have lived with for so long that a drastic change may not augur well for our health. If you have managed her for 30 years, there must be something you are doing right. Divorce to do what at this age? Please remain there.

    3. It is difficult to spend so many years with people who are toxic for years to give their children a better quality of life. I was in the same situation for 27 years with a narcissist. It is hard. As a woman, I analyze myself so as not to make the same mistake in case . renew life with the right person .

  9. Truer words were never spoken ….been there done that 4 times . This last one I married but never actually moved in with her. Turns out she is a certified psychopath . Single now and and can breathe again …..Marraige is for the heroic anymore in this day and age …..

  10. I don’t know why you are saying a woman! I was married to a man who had many of those traits. He was selfish and spent money on things only he wanted. He flirted to try to make me jealous. He spent very little time with me or the kids. He almost never took me out… Rules about shopping, cleaning and almost everything! We were completely opposite of each other. Just saying that it doesn’t have to be a woman…

  11. Frankly speaking, I was married to such a girl. She had all these traits. Constantly asking for attention, thinking about herself only, giving no importance to my things or family. She was quite immature I think now.
    I’m happily divorced and thinking of finding the person who could be my sunshine :).
    Hope to find her soon. Single women can contact me :P.

    1. That bursts the first look entry blister. Get an upgrade as the current pair of legs is not working.
      Thank you for this perception! #brat

  12. Mine all he thinks that he has Gil’s everywhere he like the attention he does rong all the time he doesn’t respect me at all he blames me for everything he gets mad at me for anything it’s sad I gave him a family love 100% he cheated he denied it but it’s ok god watches everything he had a disorder ocd I believe so please be careful thing before getting married know his medical records family to

    1. I agree to every word of your comments, this n the other. But may I say, if he has denied he cheated, then 101%, he didn’t. He doesn’t have the guts to hurt the ‘one he loves’ to that level, if I’m getting the correct ‘he’. (Not my place to butt in, hwevr, couldn’t see he’s mistaken here)
      Of course, I’m not denying on his enjoyment in seeing the ‘love of his life’ squirm with jealousy out of possessiveness. He is that a kidult. Give him the same medicine in a much minor dose, he’ll jump around like a cat landed on a hotplate.
      To he: play with feelings or feed in the insecurity of her, what did u achieve? Self burned?

  13. I count myself very lucky, being married for 15 year and my wife have non of those characters. I guess I should be grateful.

  14. Women marry with he hope they can change a man.
    Men marry with the hope their wife will never change.
    Both expectations are wrong.
    Marriage is a matter of growth, trust and commitment to find the best solutions to the adversity life will present . You must work together to find solutions that are in the best interest for both. Once you understand it doesn’t make you a winner if you damage your spouse by winning the argument, you’re on track to becoming good loving companion . I ve been. Married for 55 years and this is how we made it work.

    1. Obituary: Too bad your junior picked up the skills from the spouse who never let you win an argument. Silence is golden 😬

  15. Women who have the above mentioned habits and characteristics should not get married at first because they have no right to ruin anyone’s lives!In case they do though they should only merry someone who is identical to them and has the same character as them!!And that will prove to be their biggest punishment in life because then they will realise what they are causing to others!They will get a taste of their own medicine and they won’t like it at all!!I was married to a woman who was like that and God save me from ending up in prison because she had turned my life in a never ending ordeal!!Needless to say I’m divorced and I never want to hear about marriage again not even as guest!!

  16. i have been here. awaiting deliverance from the wicked and those that have decided to take. be safe and blessed. walk away and let God do it.

  17. R u still tied to your mum’s palloo?
    She sits behind u to decide where ur neck turns?
    Wonderful! My hearty hello to ur dad.

  18. So very true… Wish I’d seen this earlier in life as I’ve just broke uo with my wife for 13 yrs . Weird it’s like you knew her as this description fits her persona completely .

  19. My dream girl scored 10 out of 10, Luckily I didn’t tell anything about love to her ,I mean I don’t hurt her emotionally, and I realized from other comments that being a crude person is being away from the favorite.

  20. Luck was on my side 😊
    I’m not interested in wanting to be 10 kms around being your favourite. The day you stamped me with the other heinous words, it was decided.
    (Now you should know why I didn’t jump for joy upon reading the comment the only woman who is amazing with these characters and many more)
    😊 your opinion on me doesn’t matter from THAT day. It doesn’t define who I am.

  21. Having said that, don’t get the wrong notion that you don’t matter. You do. The way you live do. The bad habits you cultivated which is deteriorating your health do matter to me. Ladies remaining or exiting your life shouldn’t sculpt what you are. Love yourself and spread happiness to your daughters (cute pink dolphins 😊) and people around you. Have a happy and healthy life.

  22. I’m not married yet but about to and I’m very happy to come across this useful knowledge about women. I think I have the best woman in the world and she doesn’t possess any of the characters for the past 6 years we’ve been in a relationship.

  23. Shifting the whole perspective of the narrative:
    What if the woman who carries all these 9 characters including the 10th (which her offspring added) is THE MOTHER? The abandonment fear evoked in the child is the root cause of him/her not able to stand his/her ground on making decisions. The lack of ‘you are enough ‘ appreciation drove him/her to shift blames on everyone around him/her. Lady, u gotta answer for your unruly behavior of your 20s and 30s. 😊
    The untimely silence of spouse is another angle of damaged offspring. Answer before you pin on your sons and daughter.

  24. Oh my God I just read and wow its like the article is describing me coz i kinda have all these traits does that mean am not a wife material

  25. Thank you so much, the message is clear now, let’s say the may not have most of them but lacks support and commitment to the man what can you do?

  26. I have been in a relationship with this type of woman. We are currently separated and struggling to move on. I know she’ll not change and the same issues will come up later when it’s too late if it ain’t already. Looking forward to both of us moving on in peace. Thank you for this

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