Do Not Marry the Woman Who Has These 9 Habits

Marriage isn’t a game.

Marriage is a huge commitment. You never want to get sucked into a marriage that is going to end up making you downright unhappy and frustrated with your life. You always have to make sure that before you get married to a fine lady, you should have the mental and emotional faculties that are necessary to really sustain a marriage. You have to be a mature human being who understands that love and marriage aren’t easy and that a lot of work and commitment really goes into churning out a successful union between two people.

But aside from merely building yourself up to be a person who is truly ready for marriage. You also have to make sure that you choose the right partner to spend the rest of your life with. You can’t afford to not be choosy when selecting your potential mate. You always have to make sure that the lady you choose is someone who you are compatible with. Remember that you are going to have to share your life with his woman. So a lot of thought and analysis has to go into selecting your wife..

While it can be wrong to automatically dismiss a woman without getting to know them, there are just some kinds of women that you really should veer away from. These are the types of women who will make it incredibly difficult for you to be happy in a marriage. These are the women who are going to make you want to just put a gun to your head and shoot yourself if you’re not careful. So always be receptive of all kinds of women, but always make sure to stay guarded as well. You don’t want to end up marrying a woman who is going to corrupt your soul and your whole idea of love. Here are the types of women you should avoid marrying at all costs.

1. The one who is bitter about everything.


This woman is the ultimate negation. She is always upset and being negative about something. She is constantly bringing negative vibes into your life. She’s like a human black cloud always choosing to hover over you making everything gloomy.

2. The one who only ever thinks about herself.

This is the girl who will never pay you any mind. She is incredibly selfish and she is only ever looking out for herself. She won’t really give a damn about how you feel unless she knows she can get something out of it.

3. The one who is all about material possessions.

She is going to want the most lavish gifts from you. She isn’t going to be interested in your love unless it comes in the form of expensive commercial items. You are going to go broke trying to please her so you have to be careful.