Bebe Rexha Breaks Silence After Concertgoer is Arrested for Throwing Phone at Her in NYC

Bleta Rexha, professionally known as Bebe Rexha, has recently met with an unfortunate incident – during her performance in New York City on Sunday, June 18, a concertgoer threw a phone at her that her face and she fell to her knees in pain. 

The singer shared a selfie of herself showing her bruised eye on Instagram and wrote, “I’m good.”

The Say Me Name singer was performing at a concert at The Rooftop at Pier 17 on her Best F’n Night Of My Life tour when suddenly a fan hurled a phone at her making the singer collapse to her knees in agony.

A video of the incident has gone viral on Twitter.

According to the news outlet, ABC7NY, the alleged assailant who threw his cellphone at the singer has been taken into police custody.

“Nicolas Malvagna, 27, of Manalapan, New Jersey, was arrested and charged with assault. Malvagna is in police custody and is expected to be arraigned later Monday.”

After being struck by the cellphone, the Grammy-nominated vocalist fell to her knees, her head down, and her crew members immediately rushed to help her.

“If I was her I’d press charges. Take the phone to the police station , say u were hit with it. Have them unlock it, find the person who it belongs too and charge them for assault,” one commented.

“What kind of world do we live in that someone who’s paid money to attend a concert (assuming they like the artist) decides to whip a cell phone at (said artist’s) head? Who raised them? Like seriously, who are your parents, and how could they raise someone so trashy?” a second said.

“Poor Bebe, I genuinely hope she’s okay. Even if she’s physically fine, I can imagine the emotional effect it would have on her,” a third fan wrote.

“Why is everyone so mean? Bebe I’m so sorry you deserve SO MUCH better,” another commented.

“And that phone must hit her pretty hard to need Stitches. Dang,” said another.

In a new video, the man who allegedly threw the phone at her was identified by the security officials and was removed from the crowd.

While the security officers took him away, fans shouted slurs at the concertgoer and said, “This is assault.”

After the incident, another Twitter user @RossBernaud shared a video on the platform where Bebe Rexha could be escorted off the stage by her crew members and security officials.

“This is Bebe Rexha being rushed out of the concert venue here in NYC after someone threw a f***ing phone and hit her face as she was leaving the stage,’ the Twitter user captioned the clip. ‘We were all having a hell of a good time and so was Bebe, we were all having a blast, I mean who would even do that??? We hope you’re ok @BebeRexha,” the tweet read.

According to Pop Base, the singer got three stitches after the incident.

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