Man Regrets Asking For Open Marriage After Seeing Wife’s Tinder Matches

A woman revealed that her husband asked her to open their marriage because he wanted to date other women. So she downloaded Tinder and uploaded a flattering picture of herself on the platform to see who she matches with. Within a day, the woman got over 2000 matches. Seeing this, the husband became angry and he started regretting his decision to open their marriage.

“My husband asked me to open our marriage. So I downloaded tinder and showed him how many I matched with,” the woman wrote in a now-deleted post on Reddit.

“I (f40) really thought everything was great between us(m40). We love each other (or should I say I loveED him?) more than anything. We have [two] beautiful children a big home and great jobs. We have great sex and we have a lot in common.”

The woman continued, “Last week he told me that he wanted to ask me something but that I mustn’t take it the wrong way. He wanted to open the marriage. I started crying. Did he not love me anymore? Is he not attracted to me? Is he cheating? Why not divorce me then? His answer was no, no, no and no. It’s not about love or happiness because he has both. Just something new and exciting.”

“I was distraught the whole day and later that evening I downloaded tinder. I uploaded one of my least flattering pictures. Wrote that I’m a mother of 2, (f3&m1) and that I was in an open marriage. I showed my husband my profile. After one hour I got over 100 mayches. Next day it was around 2000. My husband got very angry and demanded I deleted the app. He said he got the point and to forget about it.”

“Now he is back to ‘normal’ but I cant forget about it,” she concluded.

Redditors in the comment section slammed the husband and said the woman should have left him when he asked her to open their marriage.

“I swear, every guy that wants to open their relationship assumes he’ll be banging 20yr olds while his wife sits around hoping a guy hits on her. I don’t know if it’s insane ego or just naïveté. Then they all panic when they see guys want their wife and call it off,” one wrote.

Meanwhile someone wrote on Twitter, “After reading part two, I’d just leave. I would have no confidence in him staying faithful.”

“Nah, he absolutely thought it was just gonna be him screwing around while she was home with the kids. And if that’s the agreement, fine. But he was more than likely hoping it would be just him fooling around,” a second said.

“I work at a swingers club, and every night there’s at least one new couple where it’s obvious the guy pushed for it, thought he would be ‘the man’ and get so much attention and then he spends most of the night waiting for his wife who is still in the play space being worshipped” wrote another.

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