The “Follow Me” Couple makes everyone jealous, again

As you all may very well know, a couple went viral on the internet some time back when they started posted pictures from all over the world in the same stance. Murad and Natalia Osmann, better known as the "Follow Me" couple, started a little passion project of their own. They travel to the most well-known locations on earth and put photos up where Natalia is leading Murad by holding his hand in every picture, wearing a different outfit that suits that specific location.

They recently posted pictures of their wedding and honeymoon, the photos sparked up another heated community to talk about how "rich" and "easy" their lives are. I wanted to talk about this. The couple didn’t start their project to show people how rich they are, the guy (Morad Osmann) is a photographer and this is his passion. He simply wanted to share this passion with his girlfriend (now wife) in every possible way he could. I personally think they’ve done it beautifully regardless of how much money they have.

Let’s take a look at some of the locations they’ve been to together:

1. Taj Mahal

2. Udaipur

3. Varanasi

4. Hong Kong

5. Hollywood

6. London

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#followmeto London with @yourleo

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7. The Wedding

8. The Honeymoon – Las Vegas

9. Honeymoon Continues – Bellagio

It’s not about how much money you guys have, it’s about how passionate you are with each other. And this couple is the perfect example of following your passion, together. Keep at it, guys.

You can see their entire timeline at MoradOsmann.

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