Understanding Narcissism: The Why and How of Becoming a Narcissist

Narcissism defines a behavior where people are self-centered and focused on self-inflation. It’s a personality disorder in which people think extremely highly of themselves and don’t empathize with other people’s feelings and needs.

Narcissists have an excessive sense of self-importance and lack empathy for others. They prioritize themselves and don’t genuinely care for their partner’s feelings or needs. In a successful relationship, both partners should give and take, but narcissists focus solely on what they can gain, disregarding their partner’s worth and emotions.

The Genesis of Narcissism

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) doesn’t have just one cause. It happens because of a mix of things like your genes and the things around you while you’re growing up. Some research shows that personality traits connected to NPD, like feeling entitled and thinking you’re really important, can be passed down in families. But having these traits in your genes doesn’t mean you’ll definitely get NPD. It just means you might be more likely to get it, and something in your environment (the things happening around you) usually triggers it.

Childhood Experiences

The way we grow up and the things that happen to us when we’re kids really shape who we become as adults. If we had a tough time as kids, like if our parents didn’t treat us well or were always critical, it can make us more likely to have Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) when we grow up. On the other hand, if we were spoiled or treated like we’re super special all the time, it can also make us act a bit narcissistic.

The Development of Narcissism: Societal Values and Norms

To understand why some people become narcissists, we need to look at many things. It’s not just about our genes or how we were treated when we were little. One thing we don’t always think about is how society’s ideas and rules can also make narcissism more likely.

Narcissism means thinking you’re really amazing and not caring much about other people’s feelings. It’s like always wanting people to tell you how great you are. Sometimes, our society puts a lot of importance on things like being the best by yourself, having lots of money, and looking really good.

In a world that values good looks and personal success a lot, people might start feeling really important just because they look good. This happens because the media always shows us attractive people and makes us think they are special. Also, when society says being successful means having a lot of money and fancy things, it can make some people want others to always say how great they are. We see this in narcissistic behavior, where people need a lot of attention and praise.

Narcissists often don’t realize they have a problem called Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). They think they’re super awesome and admitting they’re doing something wrong is hard. Not knowing they have a problem is a big part of NPD, making it tough for them to get help. Narcissists rarely seek treatment because they don’t know they have a problem.

This causes trouble in their relationships and makes their life difficult. They don’t understand how others feel, and they always want people to say how great they are, which causes fights in their personal and work relationships. This makes them even more upset and lonely.


Becoming a narcissist is a mix of many things, like genes, how you grow up, and what society thinks is important. It’s not a choice, and it’s not just because of a tough childhood. Knowing these things can help us deal with narcissism better, have better relationships, and make our society better.

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