Unfortunately, I accidentally slept with my girlfriend’s mother – now I cannot come clean

I accidentally slept with my girlfriend’s mum – now I can’t come clean.

One guy on Reddit admitted to having a physical relationship with his girlfriend’s mom two years ago. If he comes clean about it, it will end his relationship with her and her parent’s marriage.

Having a complicated relationship with your partner’s parents is pretty standard. A guy is in trouble after admitting he had a physical relationshipwith his girlfriend’s mom two years ago.

He took to Reddit to explain the situation and admitted he was worried his girl would dump him if he revealed the truth. 

He wrote: “So let me first say, I’m not the one in the wrong for this, but I have to say it somewhere. It’s eating me alive. “Two years ago, when I was 19, I met this woman while I was working as a personal trainer. She was in her 40s and looked like a 25-year-old.

Several years ago, they met at the gym – Copyrights: Gettyimages

She seemed interested in me, and we had a physical relationship a few times. After one of our meet-ups, she said it wasn’t suitable for someone her age to be with me, and she changed gyms.”

“I’ve been dating my girlfriend just over a year now. She’s amazing, and I love her so much.”.

She took me to the house where I hooked up with a woman, and I felt like I was being pranked.” “Two months ago, I met her family for the first time, and it was a shock.”

“Before I see her mom, it hits me. I have a type, and they both fit that type, so now it makes sense, I hooked up with a single mom, and now I’m with her daughter.”

Then her parents show up, we almost s**t ourselves. I find out they’ve been married for 20 years, and now I’m ashamed I’ve been a married woman’s boy toy.”

He’s told to keep quiet by his girlfriend’s mom – Copyrights: Gettyimages

Later on, in the week, her mom finds my number and tells me not to talk about it.

“She says that my girlfriend will hate me forever because I’ll be the one who broke up her parents. So now I’m stuck keeping this secret.

She asked me to spend Thanksgiving with her family, and since my family is 1000 miles away and I don’t plan on going home, I don’t have an excuse not to go.

“I’m going to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with a woman I had an affair with, her husband, and her daughter, whom I have now fallen in love with. I’m screwed.”

Over 41,000 people have interacted with the post on Reddit since then.

Though the guy was clearly in distress, it seemed many social media users saw the funny side.

One commented: “This sounds like an 80s movie.”

While another added: “Assert your dominance over the entire family.”

A third asked: “Does she have any siblings he can f**k to?”

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